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Ice and winter!

We have been exploring what happens to ice and about the season of winter. We have had lots of different activities in our ELC to explore this.

We even had ice lollies for snack to see what happened to them and to see where Mrs Watson kept them before we ate them for snack!

These are some of the children quotes….

“The ice lollies might melt when they get warm!”

“Snow turns into ice, ice turns into water”

“Degrees Celsius tells us if its too cold”


Some of the children wanted to make a "snowdog" out of some of the snow!


We have been learning and exploring about Scotland this week! WE have made a “wee hoose” in our ELC, we have been learning some Scottish dancing and been learning a Scottish song/rhyme “Ally Bally”.

We have been having Scottish food for snack too…..haggis yummy!

WE went up to Primary One to do some Scottish singing with them too, Mrs Musgrave had her guitar.

Christmas at Kingsland ELC

WE had a really busy December! WE performed in our Chritsmas nativity, to both the P6 children and the mummys and Daddys! We were all fantastic!

We made winter cupcakes, and decorated our ELC christmas tree!

We made lots of lovely chistmas crafts, a special bauble to take home and a santa card.

We also had a Christmas part, where a special visitor came….santa!

Stay and Play

A big thank you to all the parents/carers who came to our recent stay and play sessions! The children loved showing you round the nursery, and showing you all the things they have been up to!

We have got a busy few weeks coming up with Christmas getting close!
Please remember these important dates for your diary…….

Monday 18th Dec- ELC nativity 10.30am and 2.30pm. Please note maximum of 2 adults per child to watch.

Tuesday 19th Dec- ELC Christmas party (normal session applies)

Last part of October

The last couple of weeks in October have been busy! As part of our role play area,following the childrens intrests, we have set up a “baby area”. We have been out an Autumn walk, reading spooky stories, listening to autumn and halloween music, doing halloween activites and having a dressing up party!

More ELC fun

Here are some pictures of the end of last term, we really enjoyed exploring Nursery rhymes!
ELC 4 children have also been going up into the school on Thursdays to use the computers in the library – we have to go a lot of stairs!

This term we have been looking at Autumn and the changes in the leaves….

Our ELC room and displays

Our ELC environment is looking fantastic!

We have been putting up lots of lovely displays around the room and cloakroom!

We have a “Learning tree” in our ELC, when a child/children has an idea we put it onto a seed – when we have developed that idea a leave is put on the tree to show how we have taken it forward.

Every child has been measured and is on our display “How tall am I?”