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Muddy Mondays

Our Muddy Mondays fun has continued the last few weeks with visit both to Hay lodge park and to Peebles CAN.


The children did really well walking to both these places, a big thank you to all the parent helpers – we could do these things without you!


Remember to bring your teddy bear for our teddy bears picnic next Monday!

Enjoying the sun

We have been really enjoying the recent hot weather with lots of play out in our ELC garden!

We have started planting potatoes, cress and sunflowers.

Peebles CAN are coming in every Wednesday to work with the ELC 4 children to plant things in our garden and in P1 garden as part of our transition. Last week the children planted different types of beans.

We have been carrying on learning about different types of recycling and have set up a “recycling area” and display in ELC where the children have to sort out the different types of recycling they have into different categories – we have also been reading stories about recycling too!


Garden stay and play

Last week we had a Garden stay and play where we welcomed in parents/carer to help in our garden.

Our helpers were digging, weeding, planting potatoes, building a greenhouse and enjoying some new areas in our garden.

A huge thank you to all the helpers, our garden is looking great!

In the next few weeks we are hoping to plant some more vegetables and plants – Any donations would be gratefully received!


Sharing recycling with P4B

This term we are learning about recycling and have already started recycling our food waste from snack time.

Primary 4B have also been learning about recycling and have been writing their own stories about this.

They welcomed us up to the class to share their stories with the ELC children, we loved it!

Thanks to Mrs Stevenson and P4B



Easter fun!

We had a week of Easter crafts, egg decorating and making Easter nests.

We even had a visit from the easter bunny who left us some easter eggs too…..yummy!

We hope you all had a great Easter break and are ready to enjoy our last term of the year!



more careers week…

This afternoon we welcomed in Aarons mum Leanne to talk to us about being a hairdresser.


She show us different types if scissors she had in her hairdressing bag,  and some other items such as a hairdryer and hair wax.

WE also talked about how to keep safe with scissors and what we do with the scissors in nursery – cut paper only!

A few of the boys and girls get there hair cut by Leanne at her house!

Thanks for coming in Leanne.





careers week continued…..

yesterday we had Leo’s Dad in to talk about being a vet.


He talked about the different kinds of animals he looks after and has even looked after a Lion when he worked in a different country!

We think we are going to make our own Vets surgery in our home corner after the holidays.

Thank you Mr Gardiner-Roberts!


This afternoon Ms Lea came to talk to us about being a paramedic. She even brought her Ambulance!


She talked to us about why some people would need to go in an ambulance and what are some of the things she does to help people.

She had bandages, hat hard, a special uniform and syringes to show us – she even left some items for us to play with!

We then went outside to have a look inside the ambulance, we got to have a go in the front, lie on the bed in the bag and have a turn of the heart monitor!

Lots of the boys and girls now want to be paramedics no!

Thank you Ms Lea!




Haylodge park!

As part of our Muddy Mondays, last Monday we visited Haylodge park. a big thank you to all the parents who came with us to make this walk possible.


We talked a about how to keep ourselves SAFE at the park, and how walking to the park and playing in the play park is a good way to keep HEALTHY and ACTIVE.

Lots more photos and quote in our floorbook, check it out in the ELC cloakroom!


Careers week in ELC

We are looking forward to having a few visitors in ELc this week as part of our Schools careers week.


Today, the morning children welcomed Elis mum Amy in, to talk about her job at the bank of Scotland.

She had a uniform on and talked about bank accounts and different coins and money.

We are going to take this forward next term to look at money and coins.


Thanks Amy!

Healthy eating and new foods

This block we are going to be learning about healthy foods and tasting new and different foods too!

We serve a variety of fruit and vegetables at snack everyday.

If you have any ideas for snack please put them in our suggestion book in the cloakroom – thanks!

We have had lots of yummy things to try this term already….

The scottish pudding cranacan, homemade fruit skewers,different types of breadsticks and dips, Forsyths haggis pies, homemade vegetable skewers and pitta bread, quiche and coleslaw , and  homemade banana smoothie.


When we have a new food at snack time, we choose either or  green button to Put in the jar. Green if we liked it or a red if you didn’t like it.