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Top Marks in P1!

Primary 1 have had a great time practising doubling numbers together. We really enjoyed playing ‘Hit the Button’ on the interactive whiteboard!

Here is the link if you want to play at home:

Primary 1 Highlights

We have had a very busy week in Primary 1! The children have enjoyed reflecting on their favourite moments of the week:

  • I enjoyed helping my nursery buddy during the ‘stay and play’.
  • I liked running in the final of the county sports.
  • I liked practising my adding in maths.
  • I liked reading my new reading books. We are reading the Magic Key.
  • I liked showing my Granny my work on the open afternoon.
  • I liked drawing and writing stories in our new writing area!


Primary 1 and the Magic Key!

One of the children in our class has found some very old keys in her house and brought them in to share with us. The keys made us think about the Magic Key from our reading books. We guessed what the keys might be for:

”I think they are giant’s keys”

”They are the keys to a castle”

”They are keys to a secret room”

”The keys might open a door which takes us to sweetie land”

We hope to use these keys to inspire our writing. What do you think the keys might be for?


New books in Primary 1

We were very excited to receive some new books for our class library which we had chosen from our Book Fair. We look forward to sharing them together and using our reading skills to help us to complete different activities related to  our new books.

3D Shape Fun in the Sun

Primary 1 has been learning about the properties of 3D shapes. We have been exploring the key features of spheres, cylinders, cubes, cuboids, cones and pyramids. We enjoyed investigating and sorting which shapes roll and which do not.

We made the most of the lovely weather on Monday by venturing round to the P3/4 playground and using the Big Blue Blocks to build structures. We also used the smaller wooden and plastic blocks to make houses, castles and bridges.

Which 3D shapes can you find in your home?

How many faces does the shape have? Are the faces round or flat? Does it roll?

Primary 1 – er words

Last week we were learning about the er sound. The class have completed magnetic whiteboard activities, have been reading and writing words containing the er sound and have had opportunities to revise sounds we have learned previously.  The children also enjoyed consolidating their learning through engaging with a range of activities as seen below:

The children had to draw around the cracker template, cut out the cracker shape and decorate it with colourful paper.

The children had a lot of fun creating, watching and performing stories in our finger puppet theatre!

One of our most popular activities this week was drawing and labelling some traffic lights with the words red, amber and green.

Many of the children enjoyed drawing some mermaids under the sea!

Here are some of the words which you can make, say, write and draw:

her, herb, kerb, herd, fern advert, sherbet, person, mermaid, faster, under, over etc.


Primary 1 – ou words

This week we have been learning about the ou sound. We have been taking part in a number of teacher-led activities including dictation, magnetic board work and ‘Read, write and draw’ activities. The children have also enjoyed exploring the play activities below:

Match the words to the pictures

Sort the round shapes

Put the ou words in the mouth

Make a kangaroo with a pouch

Suggested ou words to make, say, write or draw:

out, ouch, sour, loud, pout, shout, couch, about, proud, cloud, ground.

Primary 1 Practical Maths Activities

Primary 1 have been practising their addition and subtraction sums using games and concrete materials. All of the children have been so engaged in their learning and have been very keen to share their work with their peers and teachers. Keep it up!

We have been using dominoes to add and subtract numbers on a whiteboard.

We have been playing addition bingo in a small group.

We have been using coins to help us add up values to 10p. Next week we will look at making up larger numbers.

We have been using number lines to help us add and subtract numbers too.


Primary 1 – ck words

Last week we were very busy learning about ck words and we participated in a range of activities to consolidate our learning.

ck word ideas we came up with:

sock, rock, lock, dock, clock, rocket, padlock, pack, back, kick, pick, sick, lick, stick, brick, click, tick tock, luck, duck, truck and neck.