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Do you want to draw a snowman?

A real highlight in P2 this week was using the iPads for the first time. We watched a short video of a story about a little girl and her snowman friend and then we learned how to use the Sketches School App to build a snowman picture. Our first iPad session was very successful with only a few hiccups which we were able to sort very quickly. We are all very proud of our snowmen.

Another highlight has been making our props for the virtual Christmas Nativity concert and learning our song. We have done so well with this. We like singing along without the words now.


We are really looking forward to singing our song on the stage next week.

We have been continuing to explore non-fiction books in class and although the text can be quite challenging we are doing very well and managing to read most of the book fluently.

We all enjoy discussing the photographs and text with our learning partners.

As we move into December we have been finding out about Advent and why we have advent calendars. It has been fun  searching around the classroom for our gift  and task if it is our name that is chosen.

A busy week

We have had a very busy week.

We have been enjoying being challenged with our numbers this week and we are now working with numbers to 100. We have been learning some strategies for using our 100 square and working out our answers a lot faster.



In HWB we are continuing to explore what makes us unique because some of us found this a tricky word to say and understand. We liked painting a self portrait, looking in the mirror to help us  and it was great fun mixing the skin colour for our face and neck. We are not quite finished our self portraits but, we are looking forward to seeing them finished and posting them on our Blog page.


We are still having fun exploring Night and Day in our topic work. We discovered that a rotation of the Earth around the Sun causes night and day, a revolution of the earth around the Sun takes 365 days or 366 days in a Leap year. This causes the Seasons.


It also takes around 27 days for the Moon to be seen in all it’s phases. Many of us are enjoying completing our homework sheet andwe have been discussing the fact that on cloudy nights we cannot see the Moon to record on our sheet.

In class we took a little quiet time to do some Cosmic Yoga Kids with Jamie. We really enjoyed her Moon story and we felt so calm when we were doing the yoga.

Have a lovely weekend everyone and enjoy your extra day to celebrate St Andrew’s Day !

Dive into a book

Book Week

We have had some fun exploring books for Book Week. Our focus has had strong links to Literacy.

We explored the book,” The last wolf” by Mini Grey . This was a book that was in the P3 Read, Write, Count goody bag that we took home on Monday.

The Primary 2 goody bag was amazing too. We loved the note book, card game and measuring tape too.

We tried to act out parts of the story and we felt that we were actually in the book when we did that. There was lots of fun and laughter at the end when the story had a happy ending.

The book made us think very carefully about environmental issues and how we need to take care to look after wildlife. When hedges and trees are cut down the animals lose their homes and food. So we could be more mindful of this when we make choices.

We are looking forward to sharing books we bring in from home tomorrow.

Click on the link below to hear one of the stories we shared this week

Here is a non-fiction story we read this week.



We are now looking at exploring numbers to 100 and we enjoyed using the big 100 square and working out the correct sequence of numbers. We enjoyed being active with our learning.

We are really looking forward to using the big 100 square when we are choosing in our free time too.

Well done for wanting to transfer your learning into your play, P2 !

Sustainable Squad meeting 1.

We had an early morning meeting and felt very grown up when the tables were rearranged to make our meeting more formal.

We took the meeting very seriously and our responses were very mature.

Here are some of the things we discussed.

P7 will be planting legacy trees in the school grounds in December and January. This will provide shelter and shading and be good for our wildlife. We can also think about the P7’s who planted them.

We are looking forward to finding out more about the polytunnel that we are going to have in Spring.


Mr Swinney surprised us by dropping off some of the jigsaws and games our teacher had ordered. Mrs Ward gave each class money to spend and we are really excited about exploring our new games.

Thank you to Mrs Ward as these games will make our learning and play even more exciting.

Lest we forget.

Remembrance day


This week we have been finding out about how the poppy became the symbol of Remembrance Day.

At 11 o’clock on the 11th of November we fell silent in class for a 1 minute silence. We were respectful and thought about the ex-servicemen and women who had lost their lives in war.

We made poppy wreaths and painted our own pictures of poppy fields like the ones in Flanders, Belgium.



We are enjoying exploring our new non-fiction books.

Bonfire weekend recount

Writing was challenging for us this week because we had to have a go at writing our recount independently. We all worked very hard at this.

Maths and Numeracy

In Numeracy we explored some word problems and learned about how important it is to read the words very carefully. this then helps us to work out what the sums is. We recorded our answers in drawings and then number sums.

For practical maths we are going to explore weighing with a variety of non-standard units like straws and marbles and we might even try Lego bricks.


On Friday 19th November you can bring in a favourite book from home to share with the class. The read, write count bags look amazing this year! 

Remember, remember the 5th of November!

We have been working very hard in P2 this week.

Our highlight was sharing the little book we made for Mrs Ward’s farewell. It was lovely to share it with her when she visited our classroom to say good bye.

We enjoyed learning about Greta Thunberg, COP 26 and climate change and we are very proud of the posters we made.


In science we investigated the Moon and learned that the Moon does not shine but, when the Sun is reflected on it this makes the Moon appear to light up in the night sky. We explored this with a torch and a rotating globe. This also let us see that when it is daylight on one side of the earth it is night time on the other side of the world.

We also took our learning outdoors on Thursday. We collected leaves, twigs and bracken for our dragon dens by scavenging in the school grounds. It was a beautiful crisp afternoon so, we took advantage this after all the rain we have had recently. Kingsland is very beautiful with the Autumn leaves on the ground. We then had great fun with our friends running around in the leaves.

On Fireworks day we got very creative and used chalk to recreate fireworks in the night sky. It looked like we were having our very own fireworks display in our classroom.

We wrote a recount about last week’s Hallowe’en party and our teacher helped us to write this by modelling it. Next week we are going to write our recounts independently.

It has been fun learning the 2 times table through songs and being active.

Happy Bonfire weekend everyone!


Smashing pumpkins!

We were amazed by all the fantastic pumpkins we saw on display in the school this week! Well done everyone !

We had lots of fun at our Hallowe’en party. We played some games, heard a story about ,”Pumpkin soup” by Helen Cooper and we made a little lantern and designed our own mask.

Thank you to Mrs Ward, Mrs Hope and Mrs Istephan for giving us our yummy Hallowe’en snacks. These went down a treat!

Another huge thank you to the P7 Prefects who looked after us at playtime and lunchtime during our indoor breaks. You worked hard to keep us entertained and active!

Happy Hallowe’en everyone! 🎃

Welcome back!

Welcome back, Primary 2!

We had a very busy start this week.

Before the October holidays we had a vote about our new class novel and most of us agreed that it would be lovely to find out what happens to Tomas and Flicker next. So, we decided to read,”The boy who dreamed of dragons” by Andy Shepherd. Some of us felt that we already knew the characters and we would be familiar with them.

We spotted straight away that Flicker the dragon looks more grown up when we discussed the front cover. We knew that Tomas could not fly on Flicker’s back at the end of the first novel.

In Rhyme and Analogy we explored words that rhyme with the families – sad, hit, leg & sun. Can you find other words that rhyme with these words?

We used our linking cubes to make stories of 15. Then we wrote our sums in numbers on our whiteboards. Using the cubes really helped us to see how we reached our answers.

Our highlight this week was learning about Coding. We had such fun using the little picture cards and getting our friends to move around the classroom. We even had to pretend we were sleeping for one of the commands! Then we created our own codes for a partner to follow. We had to have a clear start and a clear finish so we started with a green flag and finished with a red flag.

We are looking forward to turning these into programs for the Beebots. We enjoyed Coding so much that we will research other activities that we might like to explore. Coding really challenged our thinking this week but, we felt so proud of ourselves when we had created our own programs.

We also started to look at RECOUNT in our Writing. This is quite different to the descriptive writing we did in Block 1 but, we are looking forward to learning how to write a recount and then write our own.

In groups we also thought about what we already know about night and day as this is our new Science topic. At first we thought we only knew a few things but, when we started recording it on our sheet we were amazed that we had written and drawn so much.

We are looking forward to finding out more about night and day.


I spy with my little 👁

Another busy week for P2.

Mrs Ryalls displayed our human eye collages and our dragon eye drawings. We are really proud of our display and we have had a lot of discussions about it. Thank you, Mrs Ryalls. The display looks amazing!

In science we investigated taste. We discovered that our taste buds recognise 5 tastes – sweet, sour, salty, bitter and savoury.

We had a challenge to be blindfolded and workout whether we were eating potato or apple. We had to hold our noses too! This made it much harder because smell helps our brain to work out what we are eating. Most of us guessed correctly though.

We made a little Fuzzy to keep in our pocket or up our sleeve to help us when we get angry. The Fuzzy is soft and it made us all feel calm and relaxed when we touched it.

We also designed resilience capes that we imagine we are wearing when we need to be strong and brave. We used our imaginations to great effect when we designed our capes.
We finished our class novel by Andy Shepherd, “ The boy who grew dragons” and we couldn’t wait to find out what happened to Tomas, Flicker and all of the other dragons at the end.

Well done, P2! You have worked very hard in Block 1.

Happy holidays everyone! 🐲


What’s in the box?

We have had another busy week with lots of successes.

It has been a long time since we have done Problem Solving so first of all we used cubes to help us to see the answer and then we learned about the strategy – draw a picture. This was fun and it was hard to believe we were doing Maths. When we thought about it we realised that using the cubes was also helping us with our numbers.

We designed a dragon eye on paper then we tried to make it with play doh as a little practice for when we use clay next week. We are all really excited about that!

Mrs Ryalls brought in her dragon kite and we had to guess what was in the box. We thought it was a mungle flap! ( hen ) . The head of the kite is amazing and we have really enjoyed studying it.

Mrs Ward lent us her dragon toys and we got to cuddle them in our class for a few days. They were very welcome visitors.


We have been working together and team building but, we still find it a challenge to share and compromise. So, we are going to keep working together on challenges to help us to work with others.

We designed a dragon then made a plan. When we were happy with the plan we wrote a description that included a title, an introduction, a description of the dragon and a personal comment or evaluation. Although this was hard work we were very proud of our descriptions when we completed them.

We are continuing to work on learning the 3 school rules.

I behave safely

I listen to and follow instructions

I respect people and property


Well done, Primary 2 !

What’s that smell?

This week we have been focusing on our sense of smell. Mrs Scott delivered a bag to our door and we were so excited because we thought it was a delivery of food! We had to use our nose to smell the lid of the container and try to guess what was inside.

We were very good and got some of them right first time. For example cinammon and perfume. Others were not so easy – like garlic and hand sanitiser.

We looked at rhyming words for hen, nap, nut and lid this week in Rhyme and Analogy. We are really very good at recognising the sound pattern and what the words look like.

This week we had to vote whether to make a class dragon or a dragon house with our shoe boxes. The votes were very close but, the dragon house won. So, we have made a start on the dragon houses this week and we had great fun with the paints.

In Writing we thought hard about what Flicker the dragon looks like in our novel. Then we drew it, labelled it and followed our structure for writing a description. The fun bit was writing the evaluation and we are very good at that.

We have been learning about how to be more resilient when things get choppy on the river of life. We made boats and chose some things to take with us that help us to be more resilient. We were so happy to see them displayed in our room.

We have also been thinking about our 3 school rules. Can you remember them?