Stay, Play and Learn Session 1

On Tuesday we enjoyed working with our friends and grown-ups to complete a range of activities related to this week’s book ‘The Prince, the Witch, the Thief and the Bears’ by Alastair Chisholm.

We had decided that the frog was our favourite character from the book and so we made little frogs using play dough.

We made maps of the Kingdom ReeliReeliTol. We crumpled them up and ripped the edges to make them look like old maps!

We talked about our favourite characters and made puppets to retell the story. The children really took their time with their cutting.

We practised blending sounds to make short sentences and we matched the cards to the pictures.

We also enjoyed some maths activities which included snakes and ladders and pattern activities.

Our friend Clare from Peebles library came along with Bookbug to see what we were up to. Bookbug enjoyed sharing a Scottish song with us and handed out our Bookbug bags. Happy reading everyone!

Please join us for our next Stay, Play and Learn session which will be held on Monday 25th November from 2.30.

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