Primary 1 Practical Maths Activities

Primary 1 have been practising their addition and subtraction sums using games and concrete materials. All of the children have been so engaged in their learning and have been very keen to share their work with their peers and teachers. Keep it up!

We have been using dominoes to add and subtract numbers on a whiteboard.

We have been playing addition bingo in a small group.

We have been using coins to help us add up values to 10p. Next week we will look at making up larger numbers.

We have been using number lines to help us add and subtract numbers too.


Primary 1 – ck words

Last week we were very busy learning about ck words and we participated in a range of activities to consolidate our learning.

ck word ideas we came up with:

sock, rock, lock, dock, clock, rocket, padlock, pack, back, kick, pick, sick, lick, stick, brick, click, tick tock, luck, duck, truck and neck.