Day 4 – Climbing, Caving and Volcanoes

We had a fantastic last day even though the weather meant that we had to alter the activities again. One group tried out abseiling into a cave and some of us took the challenge of trying this blindfolded. Meanwhile, the other group worked as a team to get everyone up and over a vertical wooden wall. After this we made volcanoes on what was left of the beach with fizzy drinks and mentos. There were some spectacular erruptions.

We have had a fantastic time and all the Dolphin House staff were amazing. They said they we were one of the best groups that had visited! Mr Hardy and Mrs Mackie were extremely proud of us all too. They said we were a pleasure to take away.



Day 3 – Conservation, Gorge Walking and Cycling

After helping to conserve the environment at Dolphin House through a beach clean-up, half of us went on a gorge walk adventure. The others put on their helmets and sped-off mountain biking. After some tough climbing and spectacular crashes (everyone is safe and unharmed!) we all took part in an orienteering competition. We are looking forward to the disco tonight and can’t wait to perform all our best moves on the dance floor!

Day 2

Due to the windy weather, it was unsafe to go rafting so instead we went to the Galloway Hills to climb Cornish Hill in full peat-camouflage face paint. We found out that the air and water here is very clean by looking at the algae and insects in the environment. We also passed our ‘bush-tucker’ trial by digging up and eating ‘pignuts’ and finding wild blaeberries. Different team members were responsible for the compass and keeping us on the right path. It was very windy at the top of the hill but the views were fantastic. Mark claimed it was the best day of his life!

We are now off to explore the rock pools.


Day 1

We arrived safely and had to make our own beds. For some of us this proved to be very difficult but we managed eventually! After lunch we put our waterproofs on and headed out around Culzean. We explored the beach and the woods and found out about the different rocks and plants. We hope that the ‘tropical downpours’ will pass so that we can have a fire on the beach tonight.