Monday 30.3.2020 Update

Good Morning everyone. I hope that you are settling into a routine and adjusting to this new way of life! If you haven’t logged onto glow yet please do and join in with your class on Teams and say ‘Hi’ Parents please can you email into school with your child’s name so that we can continue to improve our communication systems – unfortunately the text messaging only allows 121 characters – that’s why they are short!

We will be trying to contact you all over the coming weeks so if you have recently changed your phone number – please let the school know by emailing us at

If we can do anything to further support you or if you have any ideas – please let us know. Remember to follow us on twitter too.

Home Learning

Teachers are setting home learning tasks on GLOW teams and there is work on the website.  These are proposed tasks only and we encourage parents to use their judgement.  Teachers follow the Curriculum for Excellence and South Ayrshire Curriculum Frameworks so the tasks set will be appropriate for the age of your child and will guide you around the concepts covered.  Every child is different and works in a different way.  Teachers constantly change and adapt the task to suit the needs of the child.  A daily routine might look like this but this is only a suggestion:

Before 9.00am Wake Up Get Up, have breakfast, brush your teeth, make your bed
9.00am – 10.00am Exercise Join Joe Wicks @ 9am, Cosmic Yoga, go outside and play

Oti Mabuse – dance class

10.00am – 10.20am Snack
10.20am – 11.00am Learning Time Complete some tasks set by your teacher
11.00am – 11.20am Break
11.20am – 12.00am Creative Time Lego, drawing, mindfulness colouring, crafting, singing, music, cooking/ baking together. Add your own ideas!

Youtube:Daily draw with the Little Art School (live at 11).

12.00pm – 1.00pm Lunch
1.00pm – 1.20pm Reading Read a book or magazine.  Log on and listen to an audio book.  If you have Readingwise or Accelerated reader log on.
1.20pm – 2.00pm Chill time
2.00pm – 2.45pm Learning Time Complete some tasks set by your teacher