Authors and Brown Trout!

We have had a really busy week in school. On Tuesday, We had a visit from Ross Mackenzie, prize-winning author of “The Nowhere Emporium” and “Shadowsmith“. He worked with the P3, 4 and 5s to help them develop their writing and maybe help inspire our pupils to become authors too!

Meanwhile, the P6s had a visit from Gordon and Struan from the Ayrshire River Trust to start a project on hatching trout in the classroom.  They showed the class how to fly fish, taught them about the life-cycle of the trout and helped to set up our incubation tank. If the P6 can ensure a steady temperature of 8 degrees for two weeks, Gordon and Struan will bring back 100 trout eggs for us to hatch and release back into the river. This is a very exciting project. You will be able to follow the development of this project on the P6 class blog.

P1 Registration THURSDAY 19th JANUARY 2017

Children, who have attained the age of five years between 1st March 2017 and the last day of February 2018, should be brought to the Holmston School Office between the hours of 9.15am and 3.30pm on Thursday 19th January.  THE CHILD’S BIRTH CERTIFICATE AND PROOF OF ADDRESS MUST BE PRODUCED ON THE DAY OF REGISTRATION (e.g. a copy of your Utility Bill or Council Tax Notice etc.)

Each Primary School has a designated “Catchment Area”. If you live in one of the streets listed below you are in the Holmston “Catchment Area” and should register at Holmston Primary School.

If you live in the Holmston “Catchment Area” but would like to send your child to a different Primary School you should still register at Holmston where you will be given the appropriate form (placing request form) and advice concerning the school of your choice.

If you do not live in the Holmston “Catchment Area” but would like to apply to send your child to Holmston you should register at the primary school in your own Catchment Area.  The Head Teacher will take your particulars and supply you with the appropriate form (placing request form) and advice concerning your request.


A Visit from Tony Bonning

The pupils enjoyed a visit from authour Tony Bonning today. He shared stories, poems and songs with us in a special assembly. As we are preparing for our own Burns’ Competition it was really useful to have a fantastic role model to show us what excellent performance looks like. He gave us all some good advice that if we want to be good at writing and reading we have to keep trying, put in lots of effort and learn from our mistakes.