Earth Hour 2018 Saturday 24th March

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Holmston rights respecting ambassadors are campaigning for everyone to get behind Earth Hour 2018!  At 8.30pm on Saturday 24 March 2018, hundreds of millions of people across the world will be switching off their lights and coming together to celebrate Earth Hour!

As part of our work towards the Global Goals for Sustainable Development, our Holmston ambassadors are excited to get as many people as possible ‘switching off’.

Today our planet faces a very uncertain future.  We have a vital role to play in achieving a more sustainable world and, by taking part in WWF’s Earth Hour, we can make a promise to protect it for future generations. WWF

Holmston Hour – Friday 23rd March 1.30 – 2.30pm

Our RRS team have arranged a ‘Holmston Hour’, where every class will switch off all technology and lights!  The RRS ambassadors are preparing activities and ideas for all classes to complete during the hour.  Today,  they have been busy making posters to display around the school.  Caiden and Amy worked hard to create a presentation to share at assembly.  Bailey and Aaron gathered some excellent ideas to share with teachers!

Please spread the word and help us to get as many people as possible joining in during EARTH HOUR 2018!


More information can be found at the link below


A Day in the Life of a Holmston Rights Respecting School Ambassador

A ‘snapshot’  of a Rights Respecting Ambassador Meeting.

Here are some notes from our meeting from today! We are so busy and enjoying every minute!

    • Playground Charters Orla, Ariella and Keren volunteered to arrange unveiling of playground charters on Friday 9th of March. Consult with Mr Hardy to arrange timings. Write note for inclusion in Fairtrade parents afternoon letter (completed, girls to get confirmation of timings on Wednesday from Miss P)
    • Rights Respecting Playground Amy, Poppy and Rubi suggested creating a PowerPoint for Friday assembly about school values and respecting these in the playground (completed and permission given from Mr H to share on Friday)
    • What is Happening Here? Caiden and Toby writing article for newsletter and collecting quotes from pupils and staff. (completed and article to be sent by Mrs T)
  • Community Builders Mrs Pinkerton visiting us on 15th March to talk about raising awareness of rights in our community (shared with group)

Earth Hour Ideas (24th March 2018)

  • Holmston Hour (no lights/ technology in classes for full hour on Friday 23rd March. Shared
  • Posters made by Sophie, Abbie, Isla, Bailey and Arran (completed, will be displayed)
  • Group to give presentation to whole school about Earth Hour, taking part and it’s benefits. Keren, Orla and Arianna arranging speaking parts (not finished)
  • We are part of a CAMPAIGN! Exciting!
  • Dinner Hall Charter – no time

Minutes by Keren and Mrs Taylor

Wow!  What a lot of hard work!  See you all next week.

Holmston is a Rights Respecting School!

It has been a busy week at Holmston!

Scottish Shortbread for Syria

The Primary 1’s and Mrs MacInness’ group have been busy making shortbread in celebration of Burn’s Night.  They decided to link this to a very worth while initiative from UNICEF called #Bake for Syria.  The ‘Scottish Shortbread for Syria’ will be on sale, in school, on Friday the 26th of January and Thursday 1st of February at break.  Any left over biscuits will be sold in the playground at the end of the day.

Holocaust Memorial Day

The upper school pupils learned about Holocaust Memorial Day and the Kindertransport at assembly last week.  To follow up on this Primary 7 participated in a very inspiring lesson exploring the life story of Renie Inow, who escaped Germany before WW2 on the Kindertrasport.  They  investigated the ‘Power of Words’ and learned the importance of their thoughts and opinions – Primary 7 felt empowered to write some very inspiring postcards to Renie.

Some quotes from their work…

Your story made me feel inspired to stand up for children’s rights  Carly

I didn’t know what Kindertransport was and your story helped me find out.  Alana

Your story has inspired me to keep in touch with my friend in England more and to go and visit my Gran moreGrace

The pupils linked their learning to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.  They looked at a list of all the rights and could very easily see which articles were important and directly related to the protection and safety of children.

Nelson Mandela 27

Pupils across the whole school have been participating in Show Racism the Red Card.  They have been working extremely hard with Mrs Messner during Creativity time to explore and investigate apartheid and Nelson Mandela.  In celebration of Mandela’s 27 years of freedom pupils have produced wonderful pieces of work that demonstrate their knowledge, creativity and understanding.

Rights Respecting Schools Ambassadors

Church Visit

Our ambassadors are preparing for their visit to the Auld Kirk on Sunday the 4th of February from 11am – 12pm.  While there, they will share our journey as a rights respecting school!

RRSA Videos

A small number of pupils have begun work on our very own Holmston Rights Respecting Video!  We cannot wait to continue with this and hopefully interview some pupils and members of staff!

Dinner Hall Charter

Our Ambassadors have all completed a homework challenge – to create a design for our new dinner hall charter.  The dinner hall staff have been invited to a meeting with Primary 5, the RRS Ambassadors, Mr Hardy and Mrs Reid on Wednesday the 31st of February to choose the winning design!

A few of our entries so far…


Phew!  Looking forward to next week!

Our Playground Charters Have Arrived!

During our Rights Respecting Schools day of celebration (3rd of October 2017), the upper school worked with Miss Gunning to choose articles, from the Convention of the Rights of the Child, that were most important in our playgrounds.    Primary 7 used the information gathered in the morning to create designs for an upper school playground charter.  In the afternoon the parents came in to see what we had been doing for the day. Later on the P7 class, Miss Gunning and the parents voted for the best design for the upper playground. The winning design was a rainbow, clouds and pots of gold, by Katie in P7.

We created these charters to show the rights that are important to  children in the playground. These include keeping safe and including others. Every child is entitled to these rights, so we must make sure everyone is treated equally.

The Rights Respecting Schools Committee all worked together to create the infant playground charter. Here is the infant playground charter – originally designed by our P6 Rights Respecting Ambassador, Amy.  The complete designs have been printed onto  large waterproof banners, courtesy of Owen Kerr Signs.

We can’t wait to display our charters outside in the playground for all to see!

Thank you to Miss Gunning for helping us to create these charters!

Written by Alana, Katie, Orla, Piper and Erin (P7)



Infant Playground Charter

The Rights Respecting Committee have been working very hard to create a charter for the infant playground. We have met the past two Tuesdays to come up with ideas and designs that would  be eye catching and effective.

We started by reading through all of the rights and articles and voting on what rights and rules that we thought would be best for the infant playground. After we picked our top 6 rules and articles, we all drew our own design ideas onto paper.  Some of these ideas were:

A monkey in a tree throwing fruit with the rules and articles on them , a dog with two bowls, two boats, a swimming pool with splashes with the rules and articles written on them, the planets and stars, a bear with  two paw prints, the school building, a school bus, a Dalmatian, a bow and a pencil and paper, all with the right and rules written on them. We have kept all of the design ideas for our folder because they were all so good!


We showcased our ideas and then had a vote for which two design ideas we liked the best. We all agreed on the stars and planets idea. We all drew and designed a planet or stars for our banner.

Here are the reactions of the Rights Respecting Group when the final banner design was revealed to the group.

Bailey:  “It looks amazing!”

Amy:  ” When I first saw it, it looked very bright for the younger ones.”

Rubi: ” It is bigger than the upper playground so that you can see it more clearly.”

Isla;  “It’s amazing.”

Poppy: ” It is very bright and colourful, we can fly to the rights.”

Orla W: ” It meets it’s purpose to have the rights and rules for the infant playground.”

Toby: “It has amazing detail in it.”

Abbie: ” I love it!”

Caiden was very funny when he said, ” it is out of this world!”

William: “Maybe a spaceman could go up there in a rocket and find some stars with rules on them.”

Sophie: “We did a lot of teamwork and at the end, it looked great!”

We even came up with a catchphrase related to our charter – we pretended to be astronauts and shouted ‘SUPER!’

Here are some pictures of our finished charter along with our Rights Respecting Group.  There are also some pictures of us with funny faces too!

A Holmston Rights Respecting Day of Celebration


Today, the whole school had a Rights Respecting Day of Celebration.  In the morning our RRS Ambassadors presented an assembly to all the classes and teachers.  We were quite nervous but excited at the same time, by the time we had finished the assembly we were very proud of ourselves.  Visitors from Alloway Primary kindly came to talk to us about what they had been working on at their school.  We would like to thank Chris, Rachael, Olivia and Miss Currie for sharing your experiences as you worked towards your Gold Award.

We worked with Mrs Hunter to look at photographs and share what we saw, thought and wondered.  We then tried to link the photographs to the correct articles from the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Primary 5, 6 and 7 worked on creating an upper playground charter with Miss Gunning.  We made a diamond nine with the rights we thought were the most important for the playground.  We shared our ideas about how to respect the chosen rights through drawings and designs.  The Primary 7 pupils all designed a charter, and voted to decide which one we should use.  We’re hoping to be able to display our playground charter somewhere outside for everyone to see!

Mrs Shanta and Mrs Messner worked with the Primary 5,6 and 7 to draw illustrations for all the rights.  We will use these to display children’s rights all-over our school!

Written by Sophie, Grace, Katie and our P7 RRS Ambassadors Kerin, Erin and Orla

The whole school rotated around different classrooms to complete activities focussing on the rights of the child.

Dinner Hall Charter

Primary 2, 3 and 4 worked with Miss Dixon and Mrs Messner to talk about the articles from the CRC that were most important in our Dinner Hall. The pupils talked about how we could respect these rights during lunch-time. The Holmston RRS Ambassadors will use all of the ideas gathered to create a Dinner Hall Charter.


The pupils from Primary 2, 3 and 4 worked with Miss McKenzie to explore the difference between wants and needs. They worked in groups to sort different items into three main categories – Very Important, Not Very Important and Not Important.

After this, the pupils learned a fun new SHANARRI song to help them understand everything that is necessary for children and young people to reach their full potential.

Wants and Needs

The lower school pupils worked with Miss Pollock to explore the difference between wants and needs. The talked about all the essential things children and young people need to survive and reach their full potential. They shared their ideas on an outline of a child, with needs on the inside and wants around the outside


UNICEF works with thousands of schools across the UK to put children’s rights at the heart of their practice and ethos. The Rights Respecting Schools Award recognises achievement in putting the UN Convention on the Right of the Child (UNCRC or CRC) into practice in schools to improve well-being and help all children and young people realise their potential.

At Holmston we have already achieved our Level 1 (Silver) Award. We are now going for our Gold Award!

The Gold Award is the highest level granted by Unicef UK to schools that have fully embedded children’s rights in their policies, practice and ethos as outlined in these four standards.

Standard A: Rights-respecting values underpin leadership and management

Standard B: The whole school community learns about the CRC

Standard C: The school has a rights-respecting ethos

Standard D: Children and young people are empowered to become active citizens and learners

We can’t wait for the year ahead as we work towards achieving our Gold Award!

RRS – A Day of Celebration

Today we welcomed pupils from Alloway Primary to our special Rights Respecting School Assembly. The Assembly was hosted by our RRSA Ambassadors and helped us to launch our day of celebration. The pupils from Alloway gave us lots of ideas to think about and we are looking forward to all our special classes today. This blog will help keep you up to date about our work towards achieveing the Gold Rights Respecting School Award.

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