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Masterclass 2019 – Creativity

 Our Term 3 Masterclasses got off to a great start. We are STEM exploring, Spanish speaking animators!

Animation – Mrs Martin

Week 1 – Create characters using a range of material.

Week 2 – Develop a story for the characters to tell.

Week 3 – Take stop motion pictures.


Spanish – Mrs Holland

Week 1 – Learn basic Spanish greetings

Week 2 – Choose Spanish words to include in animated film

Week 3 – Record sound for film


STEM – Mrs Blain

(supported by Helen Hamilton)

Week 1 – Engage with STEM related experiments

Week 2 – Experiment with stop motion animation technology

Week 3 – Build a junk model Cinema for their mini movie

There will be a Showcase of the stop motion animation films created by each house at the end of this term.

STEM week 2018

Monday – Technology

We had a fantastic day with Mr Allen in the Design & Technologies department at Carrick Academy.  We couldn’t have been made feel more welcome and were assisted by 2 awesome seniors, who came in to help during their study leave.

After a tour of the department, the pupils got to see the 3D printer in action.  It printed us a 3D version of our school badge to take back to show the wee class.  They then followed a step by step lesson on CAD to design a keyring.  The design information was sent to the laser cutter and each pupil got to take home their personalised keyring.  The pupils were very impressed by the fact that Mr Allen could control their computer from his!  They heard how the A3 printer can make large print jobs and we got a fantastic banner to take back to school.  The final task was a Scalextrics tournament……Martha was the winner!

Throughout the day we linked design tasks to maths and gave a real context to measure, shape and scale.  We also made links between the skills that are developed in the department and the types of jobs that would use these skills.

P5-7 pupils really enjoyed this learning day; they looked mesmerised by all the equipment and machines. Carrick Academy and the teachers were no where near as scary as some of the pupils thought they might be! They can’t wait to get to go back one day.

What the pupils said:

I enjoyed making our own keyring. It was a lot of fun.
I like making the keyring. It was cool to watch the 3D printer.
I liked doing the 3D printing stuff and using the laser machine.
I liked the Scalextrics and I liked doing the keyring.
I found it cool that we could make our own keyring through the computer and send it to the laser cutter.
I liked the Scalextrics because it was competitive.
I liked it because we got to  make something to take home.
I like how he did the wee competition at the end.
I liked making the keyring on the computer then watching them cut out on the laser cutter.
I liked watching the 3D printer.  It was very satisfying.
I liked how the laser engraved words onto the plastic.
I liked how the 3D printer printed 3D
I liked how the 3D printer was printing our badge.
He is a fantastic teacher.
He was kind and helpful.
He explained the things we had to do well.
He was nice to us and let us play the Scalextrics.

Tuesday – Engineering

We had a competitive class today! We used newspaper and K’Nex to build the strongest bridge and the tallest tower.  Who do you think won??

We also made accounts on My World of Work and will use this over the coming years to help us plan our career paths.  One of the games told us what animal our personality was most like;  MP was delighted to find out she was a teddy bear! CG was very pleased with his falcon animal personality.

Wednesday – Science




Sid Squad 2018


We won the South Ayrshire Internet safety Competition and were delighted to receive the prize of a BB-8 App- Enabled Droid as well as a £20 iTunes voucher.  Well done to #SidSquad

Outdoor Learning Day 1 2017/18

Today we had the first of our outdoor learning mornings for the    year.  We have a few projects we would like to complete this term.

  • Seasonal planters for the school entrance.
  • New mural for the playground.
  • Prepare veggie patch.

We crammed loads of learning into our morning.  Here is what the pupils said.


We sketched designs for the new mural.


We weeded the planters.

We harvested our crop of broad beans that were planted last term.

We cared for our environment and learning in our outside space.


We used scales to weigh the beans.

We counted the beans.

We estimated how much the beans weighed and how many we had gathered.

We used Number Talk strategies and formal algorithms to solve problems.

Group Work:

We worked together.

We discussed ideas.

We voted democratically!!!




Holistic Assessment – Term 4

P5-7 pulled many skills they had developed and knowledge they had gained to produce some fantastic presentations.


Worked in pairs to gather natural materials from our local beach and used the materials to create a collage. The collage was in the form of a mascot for plants. This mascot needed to have a name and the pupils had to explain why the mascot has certain features and attributes (character description). Pupils will had an opportunity to sketch a plan/design of the mascot before creating the mascot. Once they had created the mascot they continued to work together to write a poem (pupils choice – acrostic, rhyming, free verse, shape) The poem was delivered to the class by the mascot.

They used notes from previous research, activities and tests relating to this topic.

They shared the mascot and poem with the rest of the class and received peer assessment.


Learning Intentions

Convey what all living things do.

Research and present how plants reproduce.

Design and create a collage using natural materials.

Explain the reasons for my design choices.

Present information about plants though the medium of poetry.


Success Criteria

I can explain how plants reproduce.

I can explain the lifecycle of a plant.

I can combine natural materials to fulfil a design brief.

I can use my own notes from more than one source to select and organise information and to develop my ideas in order to help create my own text – a poem.

I can use relevant technical language that adds accuracy to my writing.


They had a design task….

Design Task:                                                                                                                Work in pairs to gather natural resource which will be used to create a plant mascot.   This plant mascot needs to have a name and you must write a poem for the mascot. The poem should include details of what a plant needs to grow and survive, how plants reproduce and what all living things do (MRS GREN).

Design your mascot by sketching a rough plan. Explain why you chose certain materials or for your mascot to have certain attributes.


E’s & O’s

By investigating the lifecycles of plants and animals, I can recognise the different stages of their development SCN 2-14a

I have the opportunity to choose and explore an extended range of media and technologies to create images and objects, comparing and combining them for specific tasks. EXA 2-02a

I can make notes, organise them under suitable headings and use them to understand information, develop my thinking, explore problems and create new texts, using my own words as appropriate. LIT 2-15a

Having explored the elements which writers use in different genres, I can use what I learn to create stories, poems and plays with an interesting and appropriate structure, interesting characters and/or settings which come to life. ENG 2-31a

The World of Maths

The whole class worked together to explore the impact maths has had on the world.  Pupils were split into research groups and then shared their findings with the rest of the class.  They were given choice over how to present their findings and encouraged to ask questions at the end of the presentations.

Here are the 6 ‘umbrellas‘ of maths that the class researched:

Science     Medicine    Finance     Design    Engineering    Technology


                       Presentation pictures will be added soon

Science – Soluble and Insoluble

Today we made some scientific discoveries. 

We investigated soluble and insoluble substances.  We found that some substances(solute) dissolve in water(solvent)  and some substances don’t!

We also found that some substances dissolve better when the water is heated.  We had to be very carefully using the spirit burner and when working with the different chemical substances.

Finally, we have set up an experiment to grow crystals and recover a dissolved substance.  Each house is growing a different colour…..we are wondering which crystals will be the biggest??


Outdoor Learning Afternoon 1

This term we’ll be having some outdoor learning afternoons.  This week we planted seeds, made predictions, sketched plants and talked about ‘living things’.

We have decided to see what things will make a difference to how the plants grow.  Some will have no light, some will have no water and some will have no air.  We will also grow some plants outside and some inside.  We have a special box with a window that will allow is to see how roots grow.

We had some great discussions about living things and asked the question… ‘is a seed alive?’

Holly taught us about the magic that happens with seeds and taught us a new word…. Germinate.

For a seed to germinate it needs a WOW!!

W…….ater     O……xygen    W……..armth

And then the magic happens!!