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Term 3 Holistic Assessment

Festivals and Celebrations

P5-7  are coming close to the end of this term’s learning theme of ‘Festivals and Celebrations’.  It’s a hive of activity now as they apply all the skills and knowledge they have learned to complete a holistic assessment.   We planned the assessment together and the pupils are all devising advertising campaigns to promote a music festival they have created.

Posters have been designed…

Radio jingles have been written…

TV ads have been scripted….

Props are being made  ready for filming!


Enjoy……..there are certainly a few jingles that will stick in my head!







World Book Day 2018

A day is not enough….we need a week!

We are having a week of activities and Monday started with our Big Class and Wee Class reading buddies. 

The end of every day is teacher story time.  From children’s classics, such as Treasure Island, to modern favourites, like Harry Potter.

The big class are authors and illustrators!

We have loved receiving the ‘Reading in Unusual Places’ homework photos.



Panto Project – 2017

This week P5-7 have been busy researching …

What is a pantomime?

The story of the Gaiety in Ayr.


The story of Cinderella

This resulted in some wonderful presentations!!!!     

Oh yes they did!

The materials provided by the Gaiety in Ayr had activities at CfE 1st, 2nd and 3rd levels.
The activities covered the curricular areas of Literacy, Numeracy, English, Social Studies, Expressive Arts and Health and Wellbeing.

Can’t wait to go and see Cinderella at the Gaiety next week.

What a Drama!!

The Primary 7s joined other small schools at Minishant Primary yesterday to take part in a Drama Workshop.  They all had great fun experimenting with different ways to use their voices to engage and inspire their younger reading buddies.  They are good to go with the Book Trust shared reading project now.  Well done P.7s.

Inspiring Poem


We listened to this poem by a 13year old schoolgirl.  Mila is from Glasgow and will read this at a dinner with Barack Obama.


If I Ruled Scotland

If I ruled Scotland here is what I’d do

I’d make everything equal for me and you

I’d educate Scotland on hope and peace

And make the minorities feel at ease

If I ruled Scotland here’s a law I would pass

When the sun shone no kids were in class

Instead we’d play rounders or read in the shade

(after all it’s unlikely to last more than one day!)

If I ruled Scotland here’s what I’d do

I’d keep the night safe from crime and misuse

I’d treat prisoners like humans – guide them back to a life

Filled with prosper and respect, doesn’t that sound nice?

If I ruled Scotland here’s some stuff I would ban,

Like mars bars deep fried or those pies in a can

But don’t fret even though it has a strange hue,

I would never get rid of our loved Irn Bru!

If I ruled Scotland here’s what I’d do

I’d save all the dying accents so people knew

That in Scotland there is more than one type of man

We celebrate our differences as best as we can

If I ruled Scotland here’s what I would teach

That football’s no place for hate to be preached

That supporting a team shouldn’t dictate

Which people we like and which people we hate

If I ruled Scotland I’d invest in our schools

To ensure rich or poor our kids all had the tools

To pursue their own dream regardless of class

And Scotland a nation where no one comes last

If I ruled Scotland here’s something I’d try

We’d fund our NHS to keep it alive

Then when people get sick no matter how deep their pockets

We’d always have medicine on hand to stop it

If I ruled Scotland I wouldn’t allow

Any racism nonsense to interfere with my vow

That no matter the colour or tone of your skin,

We’re all Jock Tamson’s bairns and that means we’re all kin

If I win this contest, here’s how I would pick


The other 9 people to come on this trip

I’d ask some of my teachers to choose some nice kids

Who would never usually get a chance like this





P 5-7  have had many experiences and lessons this year to try to ignite their imagination.  Through Word Aware they developed their vocabulary and during VCOP (VCOP info)  activities they explored how to add extra pizzazz to their writing.  After discussing their ideas and interests we planned activities that they would find engaging.  Their final 2016/17 writing assessment was an imaginative story.

Write an imaginative story with interesting characters, a magical setting and a plot that will entertain the reader.

– Provide suitable detailed information about a character or setting to fit the genre through description and/or dialogue.
– Write a story that has a detailed opening, middle and appropriate conclusion.
– Consistently continue the characters, setting and events of the original story with sufficient supporting detail.

They rose to the challenge and produced some very entertaining stories! Some titles include….

Trapped          The Portal         The Shy Girl          Dashes

Help!       The Book from Another World       The Darmis

A Christmas Eve Adventure        The Ungrowable Sapling

The Magical Monopoly Adventure      The Aphelion     

The Phenomenal Adventure      Pencil Case

The Fish’s True Power       The Car’s Wish      The Unicorn Island

Teenage Drama              Shred Candy Land



Authors Live

Nursery and P1-4 enjoyed taking part in an Authors Live event today with author and illustrator Alex T Smith. Alex told us all about how his Grandpa inspired him to become a writer and about his love of drawing. He read us some of his new book ‘Claude goes for Gold’ and showed us step by step how to draw the character Claude. Our fantastic drawings will be on display in the corridor come and have a look!

“It was weird how he drew one bit of Claude then moved on to another and then went back. It was really cool”

“I found it hard to keep up he drew really fast! I was really happy with my finished drawing”

“It was good”

“It was fun!”

“It was fantastic. I liked the story and drawing the dog”

Book Club

We love getting together on a Friday to discuss our books.  We have a range of jobs to do which we all bring in to share with our group.  Book Club helps to develop our reading, writing, talking and listening skills.  We choose ‘Top Banana’ each week and reward them by displaying their work in the class and issuing them with  extra Dojo points.

Top Banana = The person we feel excelled in their task and put the most effort in to producing a piece of work to be proud of.


The task sheets we use can all be found in the P567 homework section of this blog.