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Pupil Council

Pupil Council meetings take place weekly and all pupils have an opportunity to share their ideas for school improvement and learning ideas.

We have 3 Houses – Arran, Ailsa & Kintyre – Our school captains aim to motivate and inspire the other members of their house.  We hold a variety of events and competitions throughout the school year.

All P456 had to write a speech and the whole school voted democratically to elect out captains, JRSO’s and RRS ambassadors.

The winning house each term wins a treat afternoon…. Our last winners decided on den building!

The pupils interpret the digital charts each week.


Big Scottish Breakfast

The Pupil Council organised a scrumptious morning with our friends and families. We enjoyed a Big Breakfast together with fruit salad, yogurt, toast, cereal, fruit juice, milk and pancakes all on the menu.  A big thanks to our supportive parents for all the food donations and the money we’ll be sending to the STV Children’s appeal. 

I liked sitting with my mum and eating breakfast because she normally has breakfast once I’m at school. 

I enjoyed eating my pancakes.  I was happy they got toasted by Mrs Hamilton.

I liked sitting with my friends and chatting.  I especially liked the jam and the juice. 

I liked having toast because i don’t normally have toast. 

I enjoyed having new combinations of food….. toast, butter, fruit and yogurt was delicious.  

I enjoyed sitting with my friend’s parents. 

I tried new cereal and I really enjoyed it.  I’m going to ask my mum to buy some. 

I liked trying new food with honey. 

I liked helping the nursery eat their food. 

We hope the money raised goes to help children in poverty.


(This post was created by the children with the help of some French and BSL)

House Challenges – Dollar Rush

Each week we count up all the house points.  These points can be earned for many different reasons.  It’s very exciting to see which house will win each week and is a true display of all the hard work, kindness, effort and fun the pupils have given all week. 













 Roll Over

 Roll Over

 Roll Over




 Roll Over

 Roll Over

 Roll Over



Term 1 Winning House is…… KINTYRE

Sometimes we have extra house challenges to win even more points!

So far we have had a house identity challenge, with some excellent rapping performances, and a playground game challenge.  What will they come up with next??

One week was all about SLIME!!!

We worked in our houses and took turns when we were making the slime.  We wrote down slimey words.  Finally, we made a big slime 30 as part of Mrs Martin’s birthday celebrations.