A very windy day …

We had lots of fun today making and flying our very own kites! It was such a windy day that all of our kites flew easily although some got a tangled up and had to be rescued!

Calum joined us from the nursery and it was a good job because Miss McVie was amazing at rescuing tangled kites!

“I had lots of fun doing tricks with my kite” KS

“I danced with my kite” OL

“My kite was awesome! It was a bit silly and kept going down” CM

“I loved playing with my kite I had lots of fun!” MYC

“Mine went so high in the sky” AG

“Mine got stuck on the fence. It was funny!” LT

“My kite did a loop” ES

“My kite was so high it nearly touched the wires” HA

“I had so much fun flying my kite” LO

“It was cool it kept falling but I still liked it. It was super fun” LD

How You Can Help

The pupils and staff with be continuing their journey towards being a Rights Respecting School (RRS).  We will continue to communicate how we are aiming to achieve the title of RRS and will keep you informed of how you can help us.  We are starting the year off by re-painting the mural that is located in the playground.  The children and busy designing this and will use ODL days to prepare the wall and paint the mural.  I will also be running and Eco after school club which will address some RRS themes.  The new mural will have a RRS theme.  If anybody is able to donate masonry paint, scrubbing brushes, paint brushes or time I would be very grateful.  Keep logging onto the website to follow our RRS journey, discuss children’s rights with your child and contact me if you have any ideas of how we can involve parent and community in this venture.

log onto these website for more information.

Rights Respecting Schools

UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC)


Article of the Month

Article 42

All adults and children should know about this convention.

Article 42 of the UNCRC says that all children, young people and adults should know about the Convention.

People should think about ways to make sure everyone knows about the Convention, regardless of their age. There should be training around how to do this, especially for those who work with children and young people.


Music Term 1 – 2017

We’re having music lessons with Mrs Hamilton this term. 

We’ll be exploring dynamics, rhythm and beat.

We will also investigate a music timeline throughout the ages and listen to different styles of music from around the world.

Music appreciation will also be a focus.

This week we learned pianissimo, piano, forte, fortissimo and crescendo.

Do you know what these mean?

We listened to and discussed this song by a band called Bon Iver.  We noticed the different dynamics in the musician’s piano playing.  We talked about how the music made us feel. 


Week 2

We talked about music throughout the 20th century and looked at two famous composers – John Williams and Leonard Bernstien.  They composed songs for some very famous films.

Have a listen and think about what you hear.

John Williams – Hedwig’s Theme from Harry Potter

Celebrating John Williams Prom




The first video helped us to think about texture.  We also remembered to listen for the dynamics that we learned about last week.

Next we talked about pitch….we made low and high sounds.

We finished our lesson by listening to Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman sing ‘Time To Say Goodbye’

We Thought:

I liked how they sang differently and the girl was high and the boy was low.

I liked their singing.  They were both good and even better together.

I liked that they sang separately then together.




Outdoor Learning Day 1 2017/18

Today we had the first of our outdoor learning mornings for the    year.  We have a few projects we would like to complete this term.

  • Seasonal planters for the school entrance.
  • New mural for the playground.
  • Prepare veggie patch.

We crammed loads of learning into our morning.  Here is what the pupils said.


We sketched designs for the new mural.


We weeded the planters.

We harvested our crop of broad beans that were planted last term.

We cared for our environment and learning in our outside space.


We used scales to weigh the beans.

We counted the beans.

We estimated how much the beans weighed and how many we had gathered.

We used Number Talk strategies and formal algorithms to solve problems.

Group Work:

We worked together.

We discussed ideas.

We voted democratically!!!




Welcome Back!

We’re back and raring to go!

We will be trying to find the answer to some of these questions this term:

What is the world made of ?

Why is the sky blue but space is black?

Is the world a perfect sphere?

Why are there wars?

How is water made?

Why do humans and animals exist?

Who made nature and plants?

Does the land on earth move?

What inventors changed the modern world?

Why is the world spinning?

If anybody out there can help please get in touch!?!?!?!?!