Fidget Fun!!

Mrs H gathered in our fidget spinners 🙁 🙁 🙁


We had to take turns to spin the spinners, time how long each spin lasted and record the information.  We changed hands and the angle at which he held the spinners.  Once we had gathered the data and filled in the tables we displayed the information in a bar chart.  We swapped with another group and they had to interpret our graphs.   We had questions to answer relating to mean, mode, median, mean and range.  (click for more info on these terms)

What the pupils said:

I thought it was a good balance of fun and maths. P5

I found everything amazing and really fun. P4

At first I thought Mrs H had banned all the fidget spinners from us! P6

I thought it was a good idea to add fidget spinners into our maths. P6

I thought it was really fun because we were using toys from home for maths. P4

It was tricky when you were trying to choose the scale for the graphs. P5

I liked when a whole bunch of people got to bring in spinners and we could see what different types there was.

This is the beginning of a maths topic on information handling.      We’ll be sure to be focused right up until the end of term!

Having discussed the variety of ways and range of media used to present data, I can interpret and draw conclusions from the information displayed, recognising that the presentation may be misleading. MNU 2-20a

I have carried out investigations and surveys, devising and using a variety of methods to gather information and have worked with others to collate, organise and communicate the results in an appropriate way. MNU 2-20b

I can display data in a clear way using a suitable scale, by choosing appropriately from an extended range of tables, charts, diagrams and graphs, making effective use of technology. MTH 2-21a


K’Nex Finalists

A big congratulations to Christopher and Martha who made it to the K’Nex Challenge West of Scotland Final.  Impressive stats time …

  • 10,230 pupils took part in the competition and they made the final 28!
  • 256 primary schools entered the competition and they made the last 14.
  • We were the only school in South Ayrshire to reach the finals.

What an excellent achievement by Christopher and Martha.  We are very proud.

Finlay’s Mum helped us to make some beautiful bracelets. We had great fun choosing the beads we wanted to use and carefully threading them on. Some bracelets even have our names on!

These bracelets will be on sale at our Fisherton Festival on Monday 26th June. We hope to see you there!

A big THANK YOU to Linda for helping us today!

Well Done Winners!

Congratulations to all those who received awards at today’s assembly.

Meghan, Charlie and Ollie all managed to get onto the leader board in a South Ayrshire Sumdog Competition.  Not only that the school came second overall!!! A great effort.

Liliana received a literacy award for using her sounds to write new words.  Well done Liliana. 🙂

And last but by no means least, Oliver was the Dojo Champ for the wee class last week.  Good job!