Science – Soluble and Insoluble

Today we made some scientific discoveries. 

We investigated soluble and insoluble substances.  We found that some substances(solute) dissolve in water(solvent)  and some substances don’t!

We also found that some substances dissolve better when the water is heated.  We had to be very carefully using the spirit burner and when working with the different chemical substances.

Finally, we have set up an experiment to grow crystals and recover a dissolved substance.  Each house is growing a different colour…..we are wondering which crystals will be the biggest??


Outdoor Learning Afternoon 1

This term we’ll be having some outdoor learning afternoons.  This week we planted seeds, made predictions, sketched plants and talked about ‘living things’.

We have decided to see what things will make a difference to how the plants grow.  Some will have no light, some will have no water and some will have no air.  We will also grow some plants outside and some inside.  We have a special box with a window that will allow is to see how roots grow.

We had some great discussions about living things and asked the question… ‘is a seed alive?’

Holly taught us about the magic that happens with seeds and taught us a new word…. Germinate.

For a seed to germinate it needs a WOW!!

W…….ater     O……xygen    W……..armth

And then the magic happens!!



Sensational Science

As part of our interdisciplinary learning we will be carrying out some science experiments. We have created our own laboratory and are very eager to get started……Middlemist school of magical scientific discovery begins!

Our chemistry……or ‘potions’ investigations will see us exploring soluble and insoluble, mixing and separating liquids, chemical reactions and medicines that help/hurt us.

Our biology…..or ‘herbology’ investigations will see us exploring plants, living things and inheritated traits. We’ll be planting seeds, investigating the parts of a plant and looking at how plants reproduce.

Here is our lab.  We will be very careful to follow all the safety rules.

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Beach Clean-up

Thank you and well done to all the volunteers who helped clean up Dunure Beach on Saturday 1st April 2017.  The Beach Clean-Up is an annual event organised by the Ayrshire Rotary Clubs.  This is the second year Fisherton Primary pupils have supported this good cause.  565 bags were collected along the Ayrshire Coastal Path, from Troon to Girvan.   Almost 3,000 plastic bottles were found along the way and the Rotary Clubs have been making us aware of the problems plastic bottles are causing in our waters.

Please remember to always dispose of litter properly. Thank you, Fisherton ECO Committee

Start Of Term Motivation

We are all back and rested after our holiday.  We have been looking at how many days P7 have left of primary school……forever!!

With Dolphin House, long weekends, Carrick visit, sports day, trip ect……….. we really don’t have much time left of this school year.

We have spent this morning thinking about our targets for the term.  We have set 4 SMART targets each.

Health and Wellbeing, Literacy and Numeracy targets have all been set.  We also set a personal choice target. We’ll be assessing how we are doing each week.