The Hobbit – Audio Book

As part of our literacy development we have started listening to an audio book.  The whole class get comfy with cushions and listen together.

After listening we discuss the story using Bloom Buttons.

Why are we doing this???                                                                

Research shows that audiobooks allow the listener to retain their visualisation and picture-making skills.  A reader who struggles to ‘decode’ the words will have difficulty absorbing their meaning, affecting comprehension, memory and enjoyment. The listener, however, not only has the advantage of being able to visualise as they listen, their understanding is also helped by a model of interpretive reading for the tone of voice, accent, emphasis and timing given to the text by the professional reader.

Listening to books in audio form can help them acquire not only a whole new range of experience, but a vocabulary beyond their own reading level and everyday conversation, enhancing fluency and comprehension. Their horizons expand, they absorb the structure and conventions of storytelling and develop much greater confidence to communicate both orally and on paper, which has enormous benefits to their writing.

Good listening skills are essential for effective learning in all areas of the curriculum and will help pupils with their school work. Audiobooks improve concentration and engage pupils with their studies, helping them to achieve at a higher level across the curriculum and continue to self-select literature in the future, instilling a lifelong love of reading.

What the children say                                                               

I like how it gets you relaxed and focused to listen.

I like how you get to relax and not have to read a book.

I think it’s quite good how we all sit together and it’s quiet so the only thing you are concentrating on is the story.

I like how you don’t have to read it off a page.  You can just lie down and imagine it all.

The questions at the end are important so that we know we have been listening.

I think it’s good how we get to hear what other people say because if you don’t understand a bit of the story talking about it might help you to understand that part.


We’ve had a great morning of STEM discovery!

We have been thinking about the different jobs associated with Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.  We rotated round different work stations gaining and developing  skills.

We were:

  1. Constructing a circuit to make a bulb light, explaining how a switch controls a circuit, and explaining what is happening in a circuit.
  2. Discussing how an everyday product has changed over time, suggesting how products impact on society, and talking about STEM related careers.
  3. Solving practical problems when given a design challenge including aspects of movement, designing a vehicle that could carry an object, and suggesting ways to strengthen a design.

We used….

The Dyson Ideas Box




Maximising Attendance

As part of our on going journey to school improvement, we are committed to ensuring that the attendance levels within our school and Early Years Centre are  high and improving. 

We have set ourselves the ambitious target that we would like our monthly average attendance for the school and EYC to be 95%.

Each month we will share our average monthly attendance on the blog and hopefully work together to reach our target!



Consultation on the South Ayrshire Children’s Service Plan

In South Ayrshire, we are keen to hear the views on what’s important for children and families to help us to develop South Ayrshire’s Children’s Service Plan. This will help support joint working to enable children in South Ayrshire to be safe, healthy, achieve, nurtured, active, respected, responsible and included.

Services have been working together to identify what they see as the main priorities to focus on and we would like parents and carers to have their say by visiting 

Please note the consultation will only take place between the 13th and 22nd February 2017.

To request the survey in another format contact the Council on 0300 123 0900


Today we had a visit from Sandie Robb of the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland.

We learned that Giant Pandas are an endangered species because people are destroying their habitats….. this is called deforestation.

Pandas can only reporduce once a year and the cubs are very helpless when they are born.

Click here for more Giant Panda facts!

What we did/enjoyed….

I liked looking at the skulls and having to match the different animal skins with the skeletons…….and holding fake panda poo!!

I loved learning all the different facts about pandas.

We played Chinese pairs and I won a couple of games which was good.

I thought it was hard to play some of the games because you had to sort some of them out reading the Chinese characters.

I found it interesting to find out different facts about pandas that I didn’t know.

I enjoyed investigating the bamboo.

We also learned about a VERY strange mating ritual!!!!!!