Jennifer- I really liked when Ray came to visit us.

Jack- It was really fun to have Ray in because she was really energetic and cute.

Kyle- It was really exciting because it was a surprise!!

Matthew- It was a surprise for Ray to come in and she was very cute.

Oliver- It was very entertaining and fun and Ray was really fluffy.

Mia- She is very nice.

Liliana- She looked adorable.

Our First Post


Oliver- This is going to be fun to post things on the website and let you see our hard work!

Liliana- This will be fun!

Harvey-I like playing outside on the bikes.

Campbell- It is fun going on the computers researching stuff and playing outside. I like measuring.

Brigham- It is fun to work and to draw when it is wet play.

Mia- Its fun to be in class.

Kaleyll- I like making junk models and out topic.