P6/7 Remote Learning 2021

P6/7 Home Learning

Please find attached learning activities for pupils in P6/7. This page will be updated on a daily basis. Please contact the class teacher through Teams or phone the school if you have any questions.

Teams Morning Check In 9:30 am

Numeracy meet 11.30am

Teams Afternoon Check in 1.30pm

Week Beginning  8th March

Monday 8th March Mrs Lester’s Group

Animal Standards

Monday 8th March

Timed Events Problems

Tuesday 9th March Mrs Lester’s Group

Reading Comp Mrs Lester’s Group

Filled to Capacity

Tuesday 9th March

World Book Day Reading Comprehension

Speed, Distance, Time

Phases of the Moon

Phases of the Moon Worksheet

Gravity Space Bottle Experiment

Wednesday 10th March Mrs Lester’s Group

Mass Appeal

Wednesday 10th March

Back to School

Speed, Distance, Time Matching Activity

Thursday 11th March Mrs Lester’s Group

ir crossword

ir word search

Desk Assessment

My Lockdown Experience

Thursday 11th March

Speed, Distance, Time Questions

Apostrophes for Contraction and Possession

Friday 12th March Mrs Lester’s Group

Friday 12th March