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Outdoor Learning Down the River

This morning P1-7 walked down to the river to take part in some outdoor learning activities. The children found bugs, insects and flowers and used magnifying glasses to explore them more closely. The children also made some autumn jewellery, had an autumn scavenger hunt and made homes for birds. A fun and adventurous morning was had by all.

Lots of learning in P3/4/5

Primary 3/4/5 have been learning about multiplication and repeated addition. The children have developed their descriptive writing skills by writing about the classroom and outdoor classroom. Group work concentrated on communication and listening skills. Science has been all linked to Space and the children have been developing their skills of working scientifically by gathering/recording information and data and choosing ways to carry out a fair test.

A Busy Couple of Weeks for P345

P3/4/5 have been busy. We have been learning about place value, playing place value games and racing to 100. We have also been extending our knowledge of 2D shapes and 3D objects. We have focused on improving our writing through the consistent use of punctuation and learning about compound words and plurals. We are all becoming more independent in using information we have read to answer questions about text. In PE we have been developing our dribbling, passing and shooting skills in basketball and accuracy skills in badminton. During outdoor science we looked at the different materials in our playground and why different materials are used for different purposes. The use of ICT has helped us to develop our typing skills, recall of table facts and the use of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Through outdoor play we have built positive relationships with our peers.

P4/5 Beach Fun

P4/5 spent some time down the beach this afternoon collecting materials to create some art pieces. The children then had fun running away from the waves that were crashing onto the beach, building and spending time with their friends.