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2-3 Room Outdoor Play


We all have a sensory system called the vestibular system which gives us our sense of balance and spacial awareness. It helps us coordinate our large and fine motor movements and maintain our posture.

The best way to help babies and young children develop this system is through providing daily opportunities for physical play, especially outdoors.  ( Realising the Ambition  Feb 2020) 




Each child’s needs should be at the centre of how we think about and plan for their unique development. Children have their own ideas and plans, and their brains and bodies are good at seeking out the kinds of activities, environments and encounters that they need to help them develop.

Much of what children learn in the first few years, they often discover naturally for themselves, in their own way and in their own time. For this development to be successful, babies in particular, need to know their caregiver is nearby and that the support they provide is unconditional, continuous, reliable and predictable (O’Connor, 2018). Everything we do in ELC and early primary should be about helping the child to grow emotionally, socially, physically and cognitively.(Realising the Ambition Being Me 202)





Outdoors the children have been using their imagination to explore  through playing in the mud kitchen.

The children helped to set up the obstacle course fundraiser and had great fun practicing.  They have also been working on their self-help skills by getting themselves ready for outdoor play. they have also been enjoying the experience of different weathers. The children have been using their scenes to explore the properties of sand and water in different forms wet-dry sand water to ice. They have also been fine tuning their fine motor skills through threading and peg board activities.

Eco Report


Litter: the children have been involved in a number of litter picks in the nursery grounds. They also took part a Renfrewshire Council initiative “Spotless September” and litter picked in Shanks Park and outside the nursery grounds.

Biodiversity: Children have been making bird feeders and feed the birds regularly. The Forest Kindergarten visits are enabling the children to explore and learn about nature in the outdoors.

Waste management: Children are learning about the importance of recycling and made a video asking for any used unwanted spectacles, batteries, mobile phones and stamps. Thank you for your donations already received we have also been recycling paper, plastic bottles and yoghurt pots in nursery.

We are planning on making a bug hotel to explore bio-diversity and how the eco system works. If you can help, items we require are: small sticks, small logs, pine cones, bark, moss, dry leaves, small terracotta pots.



Forest Explorers

At the forest we have been learning to risk assess and how to keep safe by checking wind speed by watching the canopy in the trees, are the trees dancing fast, slow or like a statue.

Children have been working together to set up the forest site with making boundaries, handwashing and toilet facilities, they share their ideas as they problem solve how to make a swing by themselves and helping each other.

As the children explore they challenge and persevere to climb or walk along a log they are beginning to identify and discovery the changes underfoot due to the  changes in weather. Using resources around the children demonstrate creativity as they make dens, schools and houses.