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Weekly Diary 18/09 – 22/09

Week 1 on Dinner Menu

Monday, 18 September

P3 Ball Sports (lunchtime)
P5-7 Badminton Club (3pm – 4pm)

Tuesday, 19 September

P4 Ball Sports (lunchtime)
Football Training (3pm – 4pm)

Wednesday, 20 September

P5 Netball (3pm – 4pm)
P6&P7 Basketball (3pm – 4pm)

Thursday, 21 September

P7 Netball (3pm – 4pm)

Friday, 22 September 


Weekly Diary 12/6 – 16/6

Monday, 12 June

Coding Club ICT Room (3pm – 4pm)
Book of Success to go home

Wednesday, 14 June – SPORTS DAY

P1-P3 Sports Day starting at 9.30am (St Mary’s grass)
P4-P7 Sports Day starting at 1pm (Ferguslie Cricket Club ground)

Friday, 16 June

P1 Hoedown and Presentation (1.30pm)

Weekly Diary 05/06 – 09/06

Week 2 on dinner menu

Monday, 5 June

P4 Coding Club (3pm – 4pm)

Tuesday, 6 June

Disco P1 – P3 (6.15pm – 7.15pm)
Disco P4 – P7 (7.30pm – 8.45pm)

Wednesday, 7 June

P6 Cluzean Castle Trip
Pre-Entrants visit (10.45am) (Parents return 11.30am)

Thursday, 8 June

P1 Museum of Rural Life Trip

Weekly Diary 2/5 – 5/5

Week 3 on dinner menu

Monday, 1 May


Tuesday, 2 May

Girls’ Football Club (3pm – 4pm)

Wednesday, 3 May

P7 Nil By Mouth Workshops with St Mary’s
Basketball Club (3pm – 4pm)
Reading Café (3.15pm – 4.15pm)

Thursday, 4 May

Nursery Coffee Morning (9.15am – 9.45am)


Weekly Diary 24/4 – 28/4

Monday, 24 April

Football training (3pm – 4pm)
Coding Club (3pm – 4pm)

Tuesday, 25 April

P3a Paisley Museum trip
P1b & Parents in Library (2.20pm – 3pm)
Girls Football training (3pm – 4pm)

Wednesday, 26 April

P3b Paisley Museum trip
P1b & Parents in Library (2.20pm – 3pm)
Basketball training (3pm – 4pm)
P3 Reading Café in Library (3.15pm – 4.15pm)
Netball Team Tournament – Gleniffer HS (3.30pm – 6pm)

Thursday, 27 April                        

Running Club Cross Country Running Event – Thomas Shanks Park
P3c Paisley Museum trip
P1c & Parents in Library (2.20pm – 3pm)



Weekly Diary 27/3 – 31/3

Week 4 on dinner menu

Monday, 27 March

Tempest Photography in school today
Donations of small Easter eggs to be brought today

Tuesday, 28 March

Tempest Photography in school today
P7 at Castlehead HS for Sky Sports Event
Dance Club P5 (lunchtime)
Language Unit ‘Drop in’ for parents (3pm – 5pm)

Wednesday, 29 March

Termly House Reward
No Basketball club
Parents’ Evening (6.30pm – 8.30pm)

Thursday, 30 March                               

Parents’ Evening (3.30pm – 5.30pm)

Friday, 31 March

P2 EID celebration
Easter Service
School closes at 2.30pm

Weekly Diary 13/3 – 17/3

Week 2 on dinner menu

Monday, 13 March

P7 away to Lockerbie Manor
Archery Club competition (4pm – 6pm)

Tuesday, 14 March

P5 Dance Club (lunchtime)

Wednesday, 15 March

Basketball Club (3pm – 4pm)
Reading Cafe (3.15pm – 4pm)

Thursday, 16 March

Netball Club (3pm – 4pm)

Friday, 17 March

P7 Return From Lockerbie (3.30pm approx)
Hockey Club P6 & P7 (3pm – 4pm)

Weekly Diary 20/02 – 24/02

World of Work Week

Week 4 on dinner menu

Monday, 20 February

Archery Club P6 & P7 (3pm – 4pm)
Parental Equity Fund Talk (7pm – 8pm)

Wednesday, 22 February

P3 Team Games (lunchtime)
Basketball Club (3pm – 4pm)

Thursday, 23 February

Nursery and P1 Coffee Morning (9am – 9.45am)

Friday, 24 February

P4 Team Games (lunchtime)


Weekly Diary 23/01 – 27/01

Week 3 on dinner menu

Monday, 23 January

Minecraft Club (3pm – 4pm)

Tuesday, 24 January

Language Unit parent drop-in (3pm – 5pm)

Wednesday, 25 January

Nursery Burns Supper (10am – 11am)
Basketball Club (3pm – 4pm)
Literacy Evening for P2 and P3 (7pm – 8pm)

Friday, 27 January

Snack lunches today
P7 Burns Supper (12.45pm)

Weekly Diary 16/01 – 20/01

Week 2 on dinner menu

Monday, 16 January

P5/6 Football at Ferguslie (pm)
Minecraft Club (3pm-4pm)
FOTW Meeting (6.30pm-7.30pm)

Tuesday, 17 January

Girls Football Club (3pm – 4pm)

Wednesday, 18 January

P3 Weather Workshop – Right to Dance (pm)
Basketball Club (3pm – 4pm)

Thursday, 19 January

Football Event at Ferguslie (am)
Nursery Coffee Evening (7pm – 8pm)

Friday, 20 January

Nursery Coffee Morning (9am – 10.30am)