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Social Media Posts

Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter etc.

We have been alerted by parents to concerning inappropriate use of social media. Parents who have contacted the school about issues that their children have encountered using social media have been recommended to contact the Police and the sites about their concerns.

I would recommend that you monitor carefully what your child is writing on any social media sites or messages that are being sent from phones.

Having seen some of the messages the primary seven staff and I are concerned to see:

  • Frequent swearing and inappropriate language
  • Screen shots of private messages shared within groups
  • Sustained negative comments directed at specific pupils, some of which constitute as bullying
  • Individual pupils being singled out and criticised in front of their peer group

While these messages have been sent out within the school day, the impact of these has caused considerable upset and anxiety for a number of our primary 7 pupils. As a result we have had to provide support to some pupils who have experienced significant stress and upset.

We have had input from the police on internet safety and responsible use of social media. We need to remind children to treat each other with respect and kindness both in person and online.

Should you be interested in exploring responsible online behaviour further with your child, including strategies for when they experience inappropriate use of social media sites or messaging apps, the NSPCC website has some information and resources.

Yours sincerely

Jacqueline Carberry

Depute Head teacher

Lockerbie Blog – Day 4

‘Twas the fourth day of Lockerbie when all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse (or any P7s!).  Many sleepy heads this morning but nothing like a proper breakfast to get us all going.

Our morning has been spent on the lake kayaking and canoeing 🛶. The sun kept popping its head out which helped warm everyone up and thankfully it was wasn’t as windy today either. The kids took part in various games out on the water and only two fell in!

It’s a later lunch for us today so that gives us plenty of time for hot showers. For lunch we’ll be having a choice of scotch pie, macaroni cheese, garlic bread, chips and curry sauce. There will also be the salad bar and fruit for afters.

We had another busy afternoon with groups doing archery, zip line, obstacle course and crate stacking. Thankfully the weather was kind to us again though not so kind as to dry up the mud!

It was a busy dining hall tonight where we had the choice of roast chicken, gammon & pinapple, vegetable pie, roast potatoes, veg, Yorkshire puddings and gravy. Everyone got stuck in and we’re ready for their chocolate eclair for dessert.

Our final evening activities of the week were blind trail, low ropes and climbing. Again it has been great to see the boys and girls try activities they aren’t confident about and have a go!

It was a little bit chilly tonight so everyone was glad to get back into the Manor, get into their PJs and have some well earned tuck. We had a Scottish idioms quiz (some interesting answers it has to be said!) which ended in a tie.

Looking forward to our final morning tomorrow and the joy of packing suitcases! 😂

Bonne nuit😴

Lockerbie Blog – Day 3

The wind didn’t stop us sleeping last night and it took a few knocks on doors this morning to wake rooms up! We were first for breakfast this morning at 7.30am where is usual array of cooked food and cereals were available.

It was a bit of a rotation this morning between raft building, wide games and high ropes. It’s great to see so many of our kids challenge themselves and try activities they never thought they could do. One really positive comment from the high ropes, “How proud I am of myself”, let’s you know what a great time the children are having.

The weather has been bright and breezy and we’re hoping for the same this afternoon. We’re in for lunch around 12.55pm where there’s pizza, chicken goujons and a delicious salad bar on offer.

This afternoon we’ve had groups fencing, orienteering, participating in archery and sheltering making. As always the children are taking part with enthusiasm and are looking forward to what the rest of the week has to offer.

We were first for dinner tonight where we had the choice of haggis, neeps & tatties (vegetarian available too) or fish & chips. Most popular of all was the jam and cream doughnut for afters. 🙂

Tonight we had groups on the obstacle course, high ropes and the climbing wall. It was a little bit wet and windy but the obstacle group didn’t mind as they knew a lovely hot shower was waiting for them to wash off the mud!

We had some tuck before playing a game of bingo. HOUSE! Well done to our winners and everyone was off to bed and ‘asleep’ at 10pm. The boys and girls are up tomorrow at 7.45am for breakfast. 😴 Night night 💤

Lockerbie Blog – Day 2

A few bleary eyed primary 7s were woken up this morning at 7.40am ready for the second day of our Lockerbie adventure. For breakfast there was a large selection of delicious treats such as a cooked breakfast, cereal, yoghurt and fruit. Our morning activities were raft building, obstacle course, fencing, archery and shelter building.

For lunch today there was a choice of tomato or vegetable soup; filled rolls; sausage rolls; cheese and onion bake plus a salad bar. After that we got on our waterproofs and walking boots to go for a walk to the highest point in Lockerbie. It was mostly dry but the wind at the top of the hill could only be described as very bracing!

When we arrived back, we were just in time for dinner which was very welcome. Tonight we had the choice of steak pie, BBQ chicken, vegetable spring rolls with rice or chips. All finished off with a massive empire biscuit each!😋 The bathroom showers are currently in full swing as we get ready for our Lockerbie disco.

A tired bunch of P7s came back up from the disco and were looking forward to their tuck. We had a music quiz which rounded off a great day here at Lockerbie Manor. All rooms are quiet and they’ll need their sleep for the 7.20am alarm call tomorrow morning! Night night 💤

Lockerbie Blog – Day 1

Our journey down to Lockerbie was quick and the motorways were kind to us. We were given a tour of the site when we first arrived then the children had to haul those large suitcases up the stairs! Our first activity was the Manor Olympics which involved lots of team games and activities and it brought us nicely up to dinner time.

We were first for dinner tonight where the main choices were mince cobbler, chicken & leek pie, vegetable kiev all served with mash, carrots and broccoli. If you still had room there was an Oreo doughnut waiting for you for dessert. 🍩

We had another fire drill before our evening activities which began at 7pm. We had groups out on the blind trail, low ropes and high ropes. Let’s just say some have come back with a few mud splashes!

Our evening activities finished at 8.30pm and there were a few muddy faces and hands needing a good scrub! A quick wash and everyone enjoyed a well deserved treat from the tuck shop. Our final activity of the night was our Lockerbie quiz and our winners will get their prizes on the bus home this Friday.

Everyone is in bed and it’s all quiet…so far. We’ll post more updates tomorrow. Nighty night💤


Lockerbie Manor – Thursday 3rd May

There wasn’t a sound from any room this morning when the teachers started knocking doors at 7am. I’m sure many of the children can’t wait for a long lie on Saturday morning!

After another filling breakfast, the morning was spent on the water kayaking and canoeing. Some spent more time in the water and than on it!

After some welcomed hot showers, we had a selection of baked potatoes and fillings for lunch. The afternoon was spent either abseiling, raft building or on the obstacle course. Apologies for the mud in advance!

Tonight our dinner had a takeaway theme with pizzas, donner wraps and wedges. This set us up nicely for our disco tonight where (despite the mud) everyone has turned out in their finery. 💃🕺🏻



Lockerbie Manor – Wednesday 2nd May

The teachers started knocking room doors at 7am this morning. Let’s just say it took a few knocks before a bleary eyed P7 appeared! Breakfast was at 7.30am with the usual choices of a cooked breakfast, cereal, toast, yoghurt and fruit.

The morning activities were blind trail, high ropes, orienteering and raft building. Thankfully the weather has improved and we’re hoping for a dry day however that won’t matter too much when you’re getting wet or very muddy!

Lunch today was delicious where our choices were chicken & chrizo pasta, chicken burger & chips and cheese & onion quiche. There was a salad buffet and fruit available. In the afternoon you can see below the various activities our three working groups participated in. There was even a bit of sun !

For dinner it was a lovely roast beef or roast chicken dinner with plenty of trimmings. After another set of activities we had a picture and general knowledge quiz. Quite a few tired P7s retired to their bed and were sound asleep my 10pm.