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Christmas Time

In Primary 4a we are all looking forward to Christmas and have been doing lots of exciting things. We all enjoyed the school pantomime ‘Cinderella’ and loved our Christmas party!

In class we have been doing lots of Christmas crafts and have made 3D angels, dancing Santas and Christmas trees. Mrs Altan, Miss Reid and the P4 boys and girls wish that you have a brilliant Christmas!

Results of our Pupil Questionnaire

Dear Pupil

We asked you to complete this questionnaire in June. Here are your thoughts and feelings about school. Most of the results were positive. The largest percentage of ‘No’s’ regarded bullying within school and how teachers dealt with this.

As a result of this concern I will discuss this further with the pupil council and we will focus on these issues during Health and Wellbeing topics and school assemblies. I have shown your teachers the results and they are keen that you are confident that bullying will be dealt with and taken very seriously.

We hope that you know how well you are doing by the comments on your jotter and with chatting to your teacher. Your parents have also had a chat with your teacher recently and it’s good to share this information at home.

We do take an interest in your life in and out of school. Don’t forget to let me know about any outside achievements that we can celebrate together at assembly.

Almost all of you were positive about school and that’s great. We want West Primary School to be a place that you feel safe and happy. We also want you to be interested in learning and to experience support and challenge when needed.

Don’t forget our aims and values:

Educational    Supportive   Caring    Friendly   Inclusive

 All About Me Yes Sometimes No
I am happy at school. 60% 36% 4%
I enjoy learning at school.  69% 30% 1%
The work I do in class is just right for me. 63% 32% 5%
I feel safe and cared for in school.  68% 25% 6%
Our School Yes Sometimes No
I think West is a good school. 72% 24% 4%
My class is a fun and exciting place to learn. 67% 27% 5%
The adults in the school take an interest in the things I do. 63% 29% 8%
I am spoken to nicely by the adults in school. 77% 19% 4%
The Staff Yes Sometimes No
Staff let me know how well I am doing. 62% 29% 9%
Staff encourage me to do the best I can. 74% 18% 8%
Staff make sure that pupils behave well. 68% 27% 5%
Staff are good at dealing with bullying behaviour. 61% 28% 14%



P4 Romans Topic

P4 have been learning about the Romans. The Romans came from Rome in Italy to Britain nearly 2000 years ago.

We now know what the Romans ate and what kind of things they did. They ate goat, plums, grapes, lamb, deer and lots of different birds. The Romans also made things we use every day like roads and concrete.

Our Roman display
Our Roman display