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Christmas fayre

The Christmas Fayre was exciting there were lots of things to do.The primary 3s sang some of their Christmas songs that they will be performing this week at the Brewers fayre so good luck to them.

Santa  also came to visit everyone the primary 1s  were very excited to see him .The primary 1s did some excellent drawings for their New Years calendar. The primary four cooking club made some yummy Oreo cheesecake bites .The primary5s sold Christmas decorations The primary 6s made some amazing Christmas tree lights .And the primary 7s did a nail bar . The primary 4s did glitter tattoos . And the primary 2s made some Christmas cds and placemats.

A great night was had by all and lots of money was raised. Here are some pictures of the hall looking wonderful and festive with our Christmas artwork. Thanks to all of the classes for their hard work.


Primary 1 and Primary 7 Buddying

The primary 7s have been looking after their buddy’s since they started school in August. The primary 7s monitor too and the primary 1s love when they monitor. The primary 1s adore their buddy’s and the primary 7s adore them too.

Recently the primary 7s  went down to the primary 1s to help them with their fabulous new book bags for the read write count. The Primary 7s paired up with their buddy and read to them.  It was really fun.