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Christmas fayre

The Christmas Fayre was exciting there were lots of things to do.The primary 3s sang some of their Christmas songs that they will be performing this week at the Brewers fayre so good luck to them.

Santa  also came to visit everyone the primary 1s  were very excited to see him .The primary 1s did some excellent drawings for their New Years calendar. The primary four cooking club made some yummy Oreo cheesecake bites .The primary5s sold Christmas decorations The primary 6s made some amazing Christmas tree lights .And the primary 7s did a nail bar . The primary 4s did glitter tattoos . And the primary 2s made some Christmas cds and placemats.

A great night was had by all and lots of money was raised. Here are some pictures of the hall looking wonderful and festive with our Christmas artwork. Thanks to all of the classes for their hard work.


P4&5 World of Work with Mrs Hart

Mrs Hart works as a call handler at the Golden Jubilee Hospital. It was really funny to hear what she was telling us about. She told us about a man that had stubbed his toe so hard that he said it had fallen off but she didn’t understand because he still had his shoe on! She played Chinese Whispers with us and she said Primary 5 were better at it than Primary 4 were because we heard it a bit better! She was really kind and she got a box of chocolates and a pen in a velvet case. Primary 4 and 5 thanked her and she gave us all a sweet. We all miss her very much.

Paisley Panda and St Mirren Football Coach

Primary 4 and 5 had a visit from the Paisley Panda and a St Mirren football coach. It was really interesting to hear about the life skills you would need to be a football coach. The panda wouldn’t talk. Everyone kept asking about why the panda wouldn’t talk and it was really funny. It was really enjoyable! Primary 5 had a lot of fun listening to how the coach trained Callum in our class. His face turned bright red and it was extremely funny! Primary 5 thanked the coach for coming and the panda gave people high fives and hugs.

P5 World of Work Visitor – Professor Ehsan

Professor Ehsan Mesbahi works at the University of the West of Scotland. He is the vice principal. His old subject was engineering and he used to sail on cargo ships and different kinds of ships. He helps solve problems and cures to diseases like cancer. He has lived in lots of different places like Liverpool, Newcastle, Japan, China, Portugal and many more! It was really exciting to hear about it. It was a really good experience!