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Dancing Time

In our dance studio, Right 2 Dance have been coming in to do dancing taster sessions with the pupils.

When it was the turn of Primary 6, we learned a small dance that the leaders made up then we made up an ending with a partner.

It was great fun thank you Right 2 Dance.

P6 Easter Bonnets

It’s tradition that Primary 6 at West make an Easter bonnet and then do a parade at the Easter Service. In each class there are prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd. All the bonnets were wonderful and had loads of thought put into them but Mrs Ferguson had to pick winners. In Mrs Terris’ class Byron was 1st, 2nd was Kirstie and 3rd was Jacob. In Mrs Campbell/Mrs Clark’s class in 1st was Kaiden, 2nd was Elise and 3rd was Ashley.

World of Work Week P6

During World of Work Week, Primary 6 had a visitor called Ryan Robinson. He works as a Recruitment Manager. He helps people find a job that’s suitable for them.  He worked as a footballer for 8 years but when he had to find a full time job it was hard because he said he didn’t work hard at school. However when he got that job he has stuck at it for 9 years. At the end we gave him a little gift of a West Primary pen for coming in to talk to us.

The play leaders are back

Last week team one started being Young Leaders and they all did extremely well.  James, Mackenzie and Callum did dragons treasure; Kirstie and Amy F did hockey and Mitchell and Lara did rounders . Look out for the play leaders in the playground and team two are doing it the following week.