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Primary 2 Eid Festival

Before the Spring holidays, the Primary 2 classes held an Eid Festival as part of their Eid topic. They got to try lots of different types of food such as: sauce, spicy onions, pitta bread, pakora, vegetable pakora and lots of different dips. After they had tried all of the different types of food, they did some traditional Eid dancing. The P2s were excellent at it!

Next they painted some Hindi tattoos and they thought it was very fun! The Primary 2s had lots of beautiful clothes on for the festival. They all had lots and lots of fun and they hope to do something like that again!

Up-to-date with Primary 2

For the past few weeks, Primary 2 have been working on lots of different topics. P2b have been making moonlight silhouettes, Mosques and star constellations. P2c have been learning about Chinese symbols and Vincent Van Gogh which they have been doing some fantastic art on.

P2 topics

Primary 2 have been learning about the Sun, Moon and the Stars. They’ve also been learning about Chinese New Year and have made some patterns out of paper and some Chinese Lanterns. Mr Johnston’s class (2c) have also been learning about the senses. Primary 2 have enjoyed learning about these topics and are excited to learn about some new ones!