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Coronavirus – national school closure

Coronavirus – national school closure

The Scottish Government has announced schools across Scotland will close after Friday.


We are working with them to ensure continued support for children and families affected. We will provide more info as soon as we can.


Please follow the council on Twitter @RenCouncil or visit for the latest updates. Visit for health advice.

Careers Afternoon

Friday afternoon, we went for our first visit to either Castlehead or the YMCA, to explore some skills and activities linked to different careers. Not everyone got their first choice but there were lots of interesting things going on.

Hokusai Art

We thought you would like to see some of the wonderful art that we have done.It was  linked to our Natural Disasters topic, as Hokusai features volcanoes and waves in his art. First, we sectioned pictures by Hokusai, then recreated the pictures before painting  using water colours. They look amazing!

Castlehead Maths Visit

This morning, Primary 7 has had a wonderful time at Castlehead High School working on a variety of maths tasks. There were five different areas looking at different aspects of maths;  geometry, origami, numeracy, problem solving and ‘Dingbats’.

Scores were kept and there was a super prize for the winning team – including an Amazon voucher. Mrs Wilkie and Mrs Clydesdale wish they had tried harder now!

Our Winners!

Origami cubes!

Yesterday we were delighted to have 13 candidates trying out for positions on our Validictory Committee. They all took time to prepare a speech and as we await Miss Docherty’s announcement on the winning votes, we would like to take this opportunity to say, ‘Well Done!’ to everyone who gave a presentation.

Yesterday was also a busy day with parents visiting our classroom for Maths Week. Thank-you to everyone who was able to take time out of their busy day to join us.