Winter Olympics

Classes have been looking at the winter Olympics.

P2/3 have been learning about snowboarding and designed their own snowboard,

P3 – bobsleighing and they designed their own kit.

P6/7 – ice hockey and they learned how to play this in the playground.

Star Pupils

Primary 1

Piper McCrystal                 For being brave
Aimia Allison                        Showing kindness to her classmates
Ben McElroy                        For having a great attitude to learning
Darcie Donlon                   Always trying her best in all curricular areas
Chrisvin Varghese          For following classroom rules
Eilidh McKee                     Showing kindness and helping others in the                                                        playground
Kian Manson            Has a great understanding of the classroom rules.
Zuzanna Wesolowska    For being a great friend


Primary 1/2

Kyle Doherty                    For always having lovely manners
Aiden O’Malley               Voted by his classmates for being a good friend
Heidi McGivern               For good listening skills during class lessons
Mia Crangle                       Always working hard during reading activities
Orla Craig                            Showing kindness to her classmates
Joshua McPhee                Excellent drawing skills
Nina Mothersole             For having excellent listening skills and                                                                  following instructions
Saffron Bradley                Working hard during reading activities


Primary 2/3

Faith MacPherson       For gaining confidence and answering out
Johan Isaac                      For trying really hard with his classwork in                                                          particular his very good writing
Matthew Coulthard    Confidently answering maths questions                                                                 beyond 50!
Daniel Crook                    Beautiful artwork for our Christmas wall
Olivia Jamieson              Looking out for others and making sure                                                                 everyone in included
Arnis Jurenkovas           Fantastic writing about fireworks.


Primary 3

Orla Harkins                         Fantastic learning and understanding of                                                               acrostic poems
Sam Clark                              Helping his classmates learn new football                                                             skills
Zuzia Kawalec                   Being responsible and helping to tidy and                                                            clean the classroom
Leo McLean                       Helping to cheer up a friend at playtime and                                                        using encouraging words to help others with                                                     their writing
Michael Roberts            Delivering a fantastic solo talk about his                                                              favourite book
Alexander McLean       Showing excellent prediction skills when                                                              using  clues
Isabella Noble                Showing kindness and asking to help tidy up                                                        the class
Nataniel Oles                Giving a confident performance in our class                                                         Nativity.
Orla Harkins                   Showing kindness to others and helping them                                                    make up when they had fallen out.
Terry O’Hare                   For showing kindness to a class friend and                                                             playing with them when they felt sad during                                                      playtime.
Leona Richardson         For taking the time to show kindness to a                                                             classmate and helping them feel better when                                                     they were sad.

Primary 4

Abi Nicholas                     Working hard on her report writing
Shane Richardson         Showing excellent manners
Caoimhe Ogilvie             For being kind and helpful.
Christa Vargause            For always listening.
Roybn Gilhooley             For working hard in all curricular areas.
Regan Stewart                 For being a good friend.
Kate Smith                         For working hard, particularly in maths.
Shay Timony                      For being a caring friend.


Primary 4/5

Ellie Fadian                    Very responsible in class and always showing                                                     kindness to others
Alfie Baillie                      Working very hard to make progress in reading
Kieran Campbell          Being a good friend and behaving responsibly
Joe Hannigan                 Excellent use of imagination during writing                                                          activities and impressive cooperative skills                                                          while solving problems in Numeracy
Kalani Munro                 For always showing good manners in class and                                                  being kind to others
Erin Farr                            Very kind to others and always sets a good                                                           example
Callum Ogilvie               For being very interested in all topic work and                                                  for making a fantastic power point on rivers

Primary 5/6


Emily Jamieson          Showing kindness to all the children in P5/6
Lukas Jurenkovas     Excellent skills in Science and STEM
Joseph Moohan         Excellent performance from home for school                                                     show
Jessica Noble              Fantastic ideas in story writing
Jack Cameron            For showcasing his imaginative skills in drama

Primary 6/7

Ryan McManus             Always works hard in class and is respectful to                                                 everyone
Harry Higgins                Very kind and helpful to everyone
Aiden Wood                   Working hard to make progress in writing
Daniel Carr                     Working hard to make progress in maths
Treasure Onwubolu   Using ambitious vocabulary in all writing                                                              activities
Lucas Corrigan               Fascinating imagination in writing.

Primary 7


Paulina Ragauskaite          Very hard working and always does what is                                                          asked of her
Mirin Muldoon                      Always very kind and respectful
Mateo de Medina Doig    Showing good manners all of the time.
AmyEllen O’Neill                  Being kind and thoughtful of others’                                                                        feelings.
Joseph Fallon                         Showing good sportsmanship.
Suzanna Kotnowska           Working hard and showing respect to                                                                     everyone.
Imogen Porteous –               Being responsible and helpful to others.
Sean Dolan                               Being a good and helpful friend.

P3 – Catholic Education Week Activities

In Primary 3 we are celebrating Catholic Education Week this year by taking the theme ‘Jesus, The Way, The Truth and The Life’ and showing its relevance in our lives today. The children have been learning about the lives of some of our saints, remembering Pope Francis’ message that God is calling us all to be saints. Pope Francis also encourages the children to ‘Dream big’ and use their talents to their full potential. Primary 3 also learned about some of the history of the first Catholic school in Paisley and how it was funded by Paisley Abbey. The children have recorded personal challenges which they feel will make a difference in their lives and the lives of others and bring them closer to God.