Paths privacy statement

This leaflet explains what data Barnardos PATHS programme keeps about you and your family, what Barnardo’s does with this data and your rights in relation to it. If you would like more information about how your data is handled or if you would like your child to be excluded from the PATHS questionnaires, please contact our coordinator Katrina McGovern at

KM Barnardo’s PATHS Privacy Statement 2020

Return to school update

We are aware that parents/ carers have many questions related to returning to school next week. Please refer to the information that was issued in June and is still available on the school website. All information given remains the same. Stationery required in school will be provided and will remain in school. Children can bring a school bag, lunch bag and water bottle which will remain with them in their classroom. Children can get a packed lunch from the dinner hall but hot meals will not be available initially. An update will be issued early next week to confirm any further arrangements, such as staggered entry/exit times. Staff are working to ensure a safe and happy return to school for all of our pupils and we look forward to seeing them all again next week.