P6- Visit to Scotland Street School

On Thursday 21st March, Primary 6 went to Scotland Street School. Our topic in term 2 was the Victorian era and we enjoyed learning about all the happenings between 1837 and 1901.

We travelled by bus; it took us 30 minutes. When we got there we had some time to play with Victorian playground toys and explore the different rooms. After lunch, Primary 6 were split into two groups: boys and girls. The children were given costumes – waistcoats and collars for the boys; girls had white tunics. They were lined up in straight lines from smallest to tallest and had to use their arms to make sure they were in a straight line with equal spaces between them.

The teacher assigned the children seats. She was very strict and stern looking and spoke in a deep and threatening tone. The children had to stand up when she spoke to tem and call her Miss.

The children were asked to recite their times tables. Following this they did a mental maths test using slates and crayons, and then a spelling test. The tension could have been cut with a knife. The children had to copy out words in Copperplate writing using ink, a blotting sheet and fountain pens. It was quite tricky to use these pens without smudging or making a blot. Left handed people were not allowed to use their left hand in Victorian days but the teacher allowed them to.

After about an hour the teacher rang the bell and transformed into a modern day teacher – everyone was so relieved!

Keeping safe online

Yesterday we had a very enjoyable and informative performance from the Hopscotch Theatre Company about being cyber safe.

Cyberbuddy taught us how to be S.M.A.R.T while online. The children were fully engaged throughout the whole performance and learned some very valuable lessons on the importance of being safe online.