P6 & P7 Cross Country

Yesterday some of our P6 and P7 boys and girls took part in the Renfrewshire Schools Cross Country in Renfrew. Well done to all who took part on such a blustery day. It was great to see our pupils cheering each other on.

Thank you again to our parent helpers for their support.

Getting ready to go:

Limbering up:

We’ve done it! Some of us look a lot happier than others!:



Week 5 in Primary 1

This week Primary 1 had a special visit from the tooth fairy. She left us lots of activities to complete and then she collected our work and took it to show the other fairies in Fairyland.
We did a lot of money work and we worked hard at learning how to add.

Also this week we read “We’re All Wonders” by R.J. Palacio. We learned about how it is good to be different and why we should always be kind to others. We all drew a self-portrait, like there is in the book, and these are now up on our wall display. Also, we identified one thing each that makes us a “wonder” and these have also been included in our display. “The world is big enough for all kinds of people.”

This week we also learned about the stars and constellations. We now know what stars are made of and some different constellations. Then, we all had the chance to design our own star and Miss Payne let us place this on a bit of paper and this created our very own Primary 1 Constellation which has added to our wall display.

Choosing a new Head Teacher

On 26th March we will have an additional Head Teacher for the day.

The children have recently been learning about the world of work. During this time they have researched various jobs and prepared a short speech about a job that they would like to do. On February 23rd they delivered the speech to their class, Their classmates were asked to vote for the talk they found most interesting and engaging.

Here are our class winners:

(Roll your mouse over the pictures to see their job titles)


Today the class winners  presented their talk at assembly and pupils were asked to vote for an overall winner.

The overall winner will be Head Teacher for the day on the 26th March  and all class winners will have tea with Mrs Mazzoni and Mrs Lawson that afternoon.