P7 visit to St. Andrew’s Academy

P7 visit to St. Andrews Academy

On Monday our P7 pupils spent the morning at St. Andrews’s Academy.  After being welcomed by Ms Brennan, the pupils were split into two groups. Each group was then given a guided tour of the school. During this time they were introduced to the Head Teacher, Mr Henry and also to some other members of staff along the way. When the bell rang for interval we made our way to the reception area, where older brothers and sisters came to say hello, as well as other St. Peter’s former pupils. Mrs Duckett was feeling quite old, recognising some of the children she’d taught 6 years ago!  After interval our children took part in an English lesson.  The lesson started with a quiz about jobs, whether they were real or not real? Some of the jobs included: UK Bounty Hunter, Train Pusher, Swan  Warden, Professional Zombie, and Lighthouse Keeper. Have a go and guess yourself…you’ll be surprised! Ask your child for the correct answer. For the next activity, the children were split into groups and by using information that they had already prepared, they created a presentation about some specific jobs.

Have a look at some of our pictures below.


It was then time to head back to St Peter’s. The children really enjoyed the morning and are now looking forward to their next visit in May. We would like to thank the St. Andrew’s staff and the 6th Year pupil ‘tour guides’ for making us feel most welcome.

Here are some of the P7 comments:

The visit was very interesting…………Awestruck about how big the school was………….Felt intimidated at first, but then I felt good……..Felt excited………Nervous and confused about their 1 way system……..Liked the school and felt safe……Felt included, they were good at making us feel welcome…….Comfortable, a weird layout……..Thought the classrooms would be boring and not very bright, but they were just like the Primary ones with lots of things on the walls……..Saw that they had a St. Andrews prayer on the wall, like us………It was more similar to Primary than I expected……..How long do you get to go between classes, it seems a long way between some of the areas?………….Was worried about how it would be, but now that I’ve been there I feel ok knowing that on the first day the 6th year pupils will be there to help us.