Solar Panels

We have been discussing lots of different types of energy sources.  We had a look at the solar panels we have on our school roof.  Even though it was a cold day in winter we were still able to produce lots of electricity.Alternative Energy Source Solar Panels 01   Classroom Clipart


This term we have been learning about robots.  In science we have been exploring electrical circuits and components.

We had great fun creating our own circuits to make a ‘doodlebot’ move.

Adult Literacy

There are adult literacy sessions available to anyone aged 16+ who wants to improve their reading, writing, spelling and number for everyday life, work or learning.  A wide range of support is available at various sessions throughout Renfrewshire, and delivered at the learners pace within a group setting.  Examples of learning include, helping your child with homework, calculating change/interest rates on purchases, measuring for home improvements, or any other daily literacy activities.  Please contact, or phone 01505335873