Walk to School

The Eco Citizenship and Mrs Mackenzie would like to say a huge ‘Thank you’ for all the parents, children and staff who joined the walking bus on Friday 20th May.

An enjoyable walk was had by all while walking the safe route to school. We even encouraged a few Primary 6 cyclists to join us!

This month’s class ‘Walk to School’ winners were: Primary 4, Primary 6 and Primary 2/3. The winning classes enjoyed an extra outdoor play for their efforts.

Well done to everyone who took part and remember:

‘It’s cool to walk to school!”

Spring Fling This Friday!

springfling5The Spring Fling is nearly here!

This will take place in the school hall.  Come along and take part in some super spring activities.  There will be plenty to keep everyone happy including: face painting, hot crepes, tea/coffee, fundraising games, music and some of your favourite stalls.

Entry will be £1 per adult and children are FREE, tell your friends and family to come along too and help support our school community.

Harry Potter Showcase

Primary 6 have been exploring Harry Potter novels and completed this with a wonderful showcase.  All visitors thoroughly enjoyed this experience.  They also held a themed bake sale which was a great success.  Look out for some familiar faces in the Paisley Daily Express.

Egypt Showcase


Primary 5 had great fun exploring the life and times of the Ancient Egyptians for their term 2 Social Studies topic.

They were asked to create a tomb of artefacts in their classroom to showcase their learning to other pupils and their parents and family members. The local newspaper came along to photograph the grand tour of the tomb.

They learned a great deal about a range of topics including: God’s, The Afterlife, King Tutankhamen, Mummification, The Great Pyramids, Daily Life and the Hierarchy within Egyptian Society.