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Mini Beast Afternoon

Mason- I made a worm.

Shonnie- I made a tiny worm.

Hannah- I like ladybugs.

Daniel is looking for a spider with his magnifying glass.

Today we continued our STEM Fortnight learning by investigating minibeasts. We discussed the importance of  minibeasts and thought about their habitats. This was very useful as we then went on a minibeast hunt. We used lots of scientific equipment, such as a magnifying glass, to search for minibeasts and we found lots hiding under the logs in the playground. We also worked at several stations drawing, researching and making minibeasts.

I found a worm. – Annie

I would like to keep this insect because it looks cute. – Alan

I am drawing a ladybird.- Ayda

We found pictures of snails. – Robert Thomas

STEM Fortnight- Flyers

Today we investigated flyers. We discussed forces and made predictions about which items would fly. We then worked around 3 stations were we made different flyers and experimented with how to make thing fly more successfully. Our favourite was seeing the balloon hover in the air.

It was fun throwing them in the air.- Arturo

I liked making the flyers. – Mike

The balloon goes up really high. – Daisy

I like when the paper spins around. – Ella

Bubble Science

This morning we had lots of fun making bubbles and bubble wands for STEM fortnight.

We investigated different materials that bubbles could land on and we had a go at making our very own bubble wands using pipe cleaners, straws and string. We made lots of interesting shaped wands and we took them outside to put them to the test.

Miss Strang blew bubbles and we had to try and catch them using different materials.

Caoimhe – I caught a big bubble on the tin foil.

Amelia – I made a love heart wand to make my bubbles.

Caoimhe – I was trying to make heart shaped bubbles. I really enjoyed it.
Sam – Blowing bubbles is lots of fun.

STEM Fortnight- Day 2!

Today we were over the moon to be learning about changing states of materials and chemical reactions through slime. We started with glue and added food colouring and glitter of our choice. After mixing this together, we then added the magic solution which changed the mixture into slime. It took lots of tough mixing but it was worth it in the end!

My slime was runny but now it’s sticky.- Niamh

My slime is really stretchy.- Sara

My slime is fun and pink.- Ula



STEM in Action

This morning primary 1, 2 and 3 had lots of fun learning all about coding. We know that coding involves giving very detailed instructions.

We used the IPADs to work on our coding skills.

We had to program the BeeBots to move.

We had to direct our partners to move about safely.

James – I made the marble go all the way down!

Mia – I had to copy the model my partner made, she took a picture of it using an IPAD and I tried my very best to remake the model.

Maria – We had to make the beebot move from one place to another using the buttons.

Alan – I really like playing with the magnets, it was tricky. I had to follow my partners instructions to build his model.