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Family Learning Events Evaluation

On Tuesday at Parent’s Night, our Head and Depute boys and girls will be asking you for your views on or Family Learning Events. Please take time to complete the online evaluation with them. We are always trying to gather your views to help us plan for future events. Please see below for the QR Code and Web link.

Maths Week

Today we started a full week of activities to celebrate Maths Week. Our focus for today was the days of the week and the months of the year. Our P7 volunteers  read The Hungry Caterpillar to us and we then worked around tasks set up across both P1 and P2/3.

We are ordering the days of the week. – Diana
We used the story to match the day and the food. – Xavier
We are going over our months of the year. – Ella
We are sorting our months of the year. – Aleksander
We had fun playing the month game. – Rachel
I liked the girls reading us the story. – Nicole

Welcome Primary 1!

It has been a busy few weeks in Primary 1. We have been working hard and getting to know the school and our new friends. We are enjoying our letter sounds and counting. We have been finding out about Superheroes, discussing our emotions and even logging in to the laptops! I wonder what we will learn next???

We are learning to balance the beanbag.- Jacob
I know how to turn the laptop on.- Alexis
I know all my letter sounds so far.- Adam
I like letter games.- Vanessa
I had more counters than my partner.- Maddison
I sorted the plants and animals.- Nicole
I counted the dots and wrote the number.- Bianka
I know that a plant needs water to grow.- Diana

Welcome to Fairyland!

Today we had our Fairyland open morning. The turn out was excellent and we would like to thank everyone for coming. The children enjoyed singing their song and showing family and friends all the hard work that they have been completing over the past few months. They also enjoyed working at all the tasks that were set up and sharing these with others.

We are putting Little Red Riding Hood into the right order. – James
I like working with mum. – Samuel
It was fun singing the song. – Lilymay
I matched the words to the pictures. I like the dragon. -Ula
I made a nice dress. – Maisie May
We used describing words to talk about the character.
It was fun working with mum and dad with Mrs Ellis. – Hannah

The Secret Collection

Today we were very lucky to go on a trip to The Secret Collection in Paisley. We were so excited getting buzzed in through the big doors and taken down all the stairs to see a range of artefacts that are being looked after during the Paisley Museum refurbishment. We were joined by Adventure Ted who showed us his favourite animal and painting in the collection. It was a very interesting day.

We saw an old car that was originally made in Linwood.

The artist used a brush like this. – Rachel

I like the bright colours in the painting. It’s super big. -Cecilia

The butterfly is small. -Alicja

Health Week

What a busy Health Week we have had. On Monday we learned about the importance of our mental health and took part in emotion workshops and activities. On Tuesday we focused on our physical health and participated in yoga and even learned Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes in Spanish. Wednesday was our Sports Day and it was great to see so many of our families cheering us on. We will definitely need a rest over the long weekend!

We learned about our feelings. – Chanel
We talked about how Hansel and Gretel felt.- Shonnie
We made feeling hearts and used colours to show how we were feeling.-Olivia
This is Hansel saying no… we was scared.- Alicja
We are learning about some breathing exercises.
We are meditating.
I liked the tree yoga pose.- Shae
My favourite was the downward facing dog pose. – Rachel
We were learning about all the different body parts.
Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes in Spanish.