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World Book Day!

We have had a very busy World Book Day. This morning we went to see the library monitors who let us pick from a choice of 3 books and…. we get to keep them! After break, we joined up with Primary 2 and we got to listen to either Never Tickle a Tiger or The Dinosaur that Pooped the Princess. We then completed lots of fun tasks about these books. This afternoon, we visited Primary 7 and they read us The Hungry Caterpillar. We then worked together on a range of stations that they had created, such as colouring, a quiz and fruit tasting. We have had a wonderful day.

I liked guessing the fruit with P7. -Rachel

I thought the dinosaur story was so funny. -Arturo

I want to read my book.- Ula


Happy Pancake Day!

Today we celebrated Pancake Day. We watched a video all about how to make a pancake and we were able to list the ingredients. We worked together as a class to come up with the first two steps in the recipe and then finished the task independently. Just before home time, we joined together with Primary 2 and we even got to eat a pancake.

Rachel- This is yummy.

Chanel- I love jam.

Arturo- I’d love to flip a pancake.

Olivia- It’s like in Miss P’s song.

An introduction to Judo

Today we had a quick introduction to Judo from Jack. We learned how to sit like a Judo player and responded to some Japanese commands. We had a go at some simple moves and ended by playing monkey tig.

Samuel- I liked playing monkey tig, it was so fun.

Aleksander-  I liked the mat and we had no socks on.

Arturo- I liked making a pillow for my partner.

Scottish Open Morning

Today we had our Scottish Open Morning and it was a huge success. We invited out families into our classroom and it was a fantastic turn out. We visited a range of Scottish themed work stations such as tartan making and Scottish food tasting. We then moved into the hall and performed our Scottish dance and songs. The feedback was excellent.

We are making the Scottish flag. -Lilymay

I can hear bagpipes. -Robbie

I tried Scottish food. -Ella

I didn’t like salmon. – Caiden

I did a jigsaw. -Ula

I’m making tartan. -Aleksander

Robert Burns Day

To celebrate Robert Burns Day, Primary 3/4 have been learning traditional Scottish dances. They performed these for Primary 1. Primary 1 loved watching the performance and couldn’t believe how the boys and girls could remember all the steps! Primary 1 then performed ‘Ye Canny Shove Yer Granny Aff the Bus.’ We all had a fantastic time!

Lacey said that she liked when she crossed her arms over.

Oliver liked when the boys and girls went around in a circle.

Rachel liked when we went into the circle.

We are proud of Scotland!

On Tuesday the 29th of January at 9:15 am, Primary 1 and Primary 2 will be hosting an open morning for parents. Our focus will be on Scotland. We have been learning about Scotland and what makes Scotland special and unique. We have learned Scottish songs and dances which we will be showcasing. We hope to see you there but here is a sneak peek.

Mystery Topic Bag!

Welcome back and Happy New Year!

Primary 1 have been excited to see what topic they will be learning about this term. Today they explored a mystery topic bag and looked at some clues. Can you guess what our topic will be?


I think it’s a cow or a goat.- Rachel

It is like a big scarf.- Olivia

This is fizzy juice.- Samuel

It looks like a castle on this.- Cece

These biscuits look yummy.- Ula


Out topic is……. Scotland!

Christmas Story Sharing

Today P7 visited our class because they had written us all a fantastic personalised Christmas Story. Some of us became elves and some of us went on Santa’s sleigh. Primary 7 read us our stories and then we had time to play together. We even had a milk and Oreo treat! We had so much fun.

Courtney- My story has secret compartments.

We made cards for Primary 7.

Rachel- I can’t wait to see my buddy.

Jay- I love dipping it in milk.

Ula- This is yummy.