Primary 5 Daily Tasks 02/04/20

Good morning Primary 5! Today is the last day of school work before the 2 weeks Easter Holidays!:) I am so impressed with how you have worked very hard, stayed positive and encouraged each other. You all deserve a break!

Keep in touch over the holidays by emailing or chatting on teams and Google Classroom! You can even post some of the fun easter activities/challenges you have been getting up to! Stay positive and stay safe, happy holidays Primary 5!

A lovely idea for Palm Sunday shared by Miss Fulton:

Health and Wellbeing

This morning I would like us to do Joe Wicks Workout, its a great way to start the day off!


Yesterday you got the chance to be the house from our story. After reading the description of Cherry Grange I want you to draw a detailed picture of what you think the house looks like. Is it big? Is it like a castle? Is there the Cherry trees?

I also want you to be a predictor and predict what you think is going to happen next for Alice and Patience? Do you think they will move house? Has the author given you any clues as to what will happen?


Circles: You have a mission today. You need to save Easter for the children of Sunny Days Nursery!!! Help Fred find out who stole his Easter Bunny suit by solving the problems in this booklet using your maths skills! There is quite a lot of questions here, you might want to contact a friend in your group over email or teams and get them to do the first few pages and you can do the last few, or if you want to you can tackle it on your own!

Circles Maths Mystery challenge

Squares: You have a mission today too! Peter Rabbit needs your help! Solve the clues using your maths skills to help him find out who stole the missing vegetables! There is quite a lot of questions here, you might want to contact a friend in your group over email or teams and get them to do the first few pages and you can do the last few, or if you want to you can tackle it on your own!

Squares Maths Mystery

Diamonds: You have to make tough Easter decisions and decide which one you would rather and why? Remember to think about the value of items and try to get the best deal possible!


As we draw closer to Easter Sunday and the beginning of Holy Week I want us to take some time to reflect on what this means for us as Christians.

Holy Week is the most important week of the Church year.  Liturgical services are held at Church to help us reflect prayerfully on the meaning of the Passion and Death of Jesus and our journey towards the Resurrection:

Palm Sunday (5th April): We remember how the people cheered and welcomed Jesus as he came into Jerusalem.  Palms are distributed at Mass (As we won’t be able to go to mass you could watch a church service online)

Holy Thursday (9th April): We remember how Jesus gave himself to us as the Bread of Life at the Last Supper.  At a special Church service the priest washes the feet of 12 people to commemorate Jesus’ washing the feet of his disciples.  It is also the day when a special Chrism Mass usually takes place. At this Mass a supply of anointing oil to be used in ceremonies during the year is consecrated.

Good Friday (10th April): We remember how Jesus died on the cross and gave himself completely to his Father. A special service called Veneration of the Cross takes place between midday and 3pm.  In kneeling before the crucifix and kissing it we are paying the highest honour to Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Holy Saturday (11th April): The Easter vigil service is the first Easter service and takes place on the night of Holy Saturday.  The Paschal Candle is lit during the service as a symbol of the risen Christ.

Easter Sunday (12th April): Easter Sunday is the high point of Holy Week.  Easter commemorates (recalls/pays tribute to) the resurrection of Jesus Christ  and is celebrated with the greatest joy.  Through his death, Jesus saved mankind from sin and He destroyed the hold that death has on all of us.   His Resurrection gives us the promise of new life, both in this world and the next.

I now want you to create an Easter Banner to celebrate Jesus Christ Resurrection on Easter Sunday, you could put it in your window on Easter Sunday. Here are some examples to show the joy and celebration we have on Easter Sunday.

Art + Design:

I have included an Easter challenge grid. These are activities you can do today and over the next 2 weeks when we are off to keep yourselves busy!