Primary 1 Thursday 2nd of April

Thursday 2nd of April

Daily Tasks and Activities

Good Morning Primary 1,

I must say that I saw some super answers to your comprehension questions about the story ‘Stuck’. Here are the links to our days of the week and months of the year songs if you would like to continue to practise these. Also, have a look out the window and be a weather reporter. What is the weather like today?

Days of the Week

Months of the Year

We have also been practising our days of the week in Spanish. Why not try singing this to someone at home… you could even teach them!

Days of the Week in Spanish



Here is a link to a song that is all about chunking the sounds in words to make them easier to read. This a one of our reading strategies that we have been learning in class.

Phonics- CVC and CVCC words (No sound)

Starter Activity

Today I would like you to create a list of rhyming words. Write as many words from the letter family that end in og. You could write these on your whiteboard or in your jotter and send me a picture.

I will give you a word for free to start you off…



Main Task

Today we are going to focus on some reading. There are reading books in the home packs but I am going to take pictures of different reading book pages and upload these to Seesaw. If you want you could send me a clip of you reading the story out loud.

If you have not yet got the Seesaw parent app please download it and the QR code is also in the home pack.

Once you have read your story, try to answer these questions.

Who was the main character?

What happened at the start of the story?

What happened in the middle of the story?

How did the story end?


You could also give the Teach Your Monster to Read game a go. There is login details include in the home packs. This game develops blending skills and sound recognition.


The counting song for today is

Count by 2

SEAL Mental Maths Challenge

My challenge today is for you to find as many ways as to can to make the number 10. It could be through addition sums, subtraction sums or any other way. My first suggestion would be



Main Task

Topmarks is a fantastic website with lots of great numeracy games which develop skills and learning. I have two games that I would like you to play today.

Blast Off

This is a game that will develop mental math skills. If you click on the counting on and back option and focus on numbers within 10-20. Give counting forwards and backwards a go as this will develop addition and subtraction skills.

Hint- Use a number line to support you if you feel you need this.

If you feel like you would like a challenge, try using the number options beyond 20.


Funky Mummy

This is a game that will develop number bond understanding. It will ask the children to complete the sum eg. 2+_=10

Begin with working on bonds to 10. If you would like a challenge try working with bonds up to 20. Again, use a number line if you would like a little support.

Sundog is also a good website for maths games and your login is in your packs too.



Again we would normally have PE today so I’ve linked a video of Maurice and two of his assistants to get our bodies moving and our hearts pumping. Phew this is going to be a workout!




As it is nearing Easter, today we will focus on the Bible story of the last supper. I will upload the passage from the children’s Bible to Seesaw and here is a link to a short video.

The Last Supper Cartoon

Can you answer these questions….

Why did Jesus wash the feet of his friends?

Who betrayed Jesus?

What did they have to eat and drink at the Last Supper?



Our art challenge today is to design an Easter Egg. The Easter egg should have…

*at least 4 different colours.

*must have a star on it as part of the design.

  • should be coloured in neatly.

*have circles on it as part of the design.

I’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with P1!

The mindfulness activity for the day is


You can use this as a peaceful, calm down activity or as a bedtime story. Lie down in a comfortable spot and focus on your breathing as you listen…

Please contact me for any clarification or if you would like to show me your work. I would just like to say how amazing you have all done over the past two weeks, children and families alike. Enjoy the well-deserved Easter break!


Miss Strang