P2/3 Daily Tasks Thursday 2/04/20

Good morning everyone! Today is our last day of work before our holiday! We are going to start with a prayer then some grammar, after this we will have mental math and numeracy and finally finish with Spanish. Since we wont have work tomorrow, I have also included a choice of P.E. from the grid and a Friday Challenge.

Morning Prayer

Literacy – Future

LI: We are revising our knowledge of the future tense.

Task 1

I would like you to change the following sentences from past to future. Example; Past I went to the park. Future I am going to the park.

  1. I went to the shops.
  2. I visited my friends.
  3. I painted a picture.
  4. I baked a cake.
  5. We went for a walk.

Task 2

Write 2 good quality sentences about what you are going to do over the holidays.


Mental Math

Try to do these sums in your head and write the answers on your whiteboard.

2+6=                                  5+5=

1+9=                                  10-3=

8-5=                                 7-2=

Numeracy – Division and Multiplication Revision

LI – We are learning to divide with remainders.

LI – We are learning to multiply.

Do not do all of these sums, I would like you to self-assess and think if you should do more practice of division or multiplication. At the end I would like you to traffic light your work.


12 divided by 3=

13 divided by 5=

11 divided by 2=


20 divided by 4=

22 divided by 4=

17 divided by 6=

31 divided by 5=

40 divided by 8=

27 divided by 6=













Friday Challenge

Help to make a meal today and do as much of it on your own as you can.


Mindfulness 10/15 mins (colouring, cosmic yoga, reading)

Spanish – Days of the week

LI – To say the days of the week in Spanish.

P.E. – Grid Choice