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P7H Substance Misuse Task

Using the websites listed below, your task is to create a news report performance and informative poster to inform your classmates of the dangers of substance misuse. You must include:

  • The effects and health risks related to tobacco and alcohol misuse
  • The impact of external influences/pressures and how these can affect personal decisions, actions and outcomes
  • The impact and risks of misusing drugs and alcohol and how it can affect your ability to make good decisions
  • The negative social side effects of substance misuse on individuals, their family and their friends


We will focus on research this week and you will complete your tasks over the next few weeks.

P7H WB 20/01/20

Good Evening

Please see below for this week’s homework, updates and reminders:


  • Spelling – Complete the three tasks for Friday 24th January
    Reading – You should be finished your book by Tuesday 28th January, unless I have spoken with you in class. Tests are available to take in class at any time.



We have dancing on Tuesday which you will require clean trainers for. You will also have Gymnastics with Miss Hughes on Thursday and will need a full P.E kit.

Burns Poems – You have had your Burns poem at home for a good while and should have been practising. You must rehearse your poem and be prepared to recite to our class and one other class tomorrow. 

Please return Burns Supper Invitations to the Administration Group by Wednesday 22nd January.


Author visit March 3rd 2020

We are very excited to announce the visit to the school of local author Lindsay Littleston.  She will be speaking to children in P5-7 about creative writing and life as an author.  Her books will be available to purchase on the day at the price of £6 each but there is absolutely no obligation to buy!  Children can bring cash on the day if they wish to buy.

She will be reading from her latest novels, The Titanic Detective Agency and Guardians of the Wild Unicorns.

It will be a fun, interactive presentation with a quiz, book reading and question and answer session.

Mrs Campbell (Literacy Champion)

P7H WB 13.01.20

Good morning!

Please see below for homework, notes and reminders. It’s going to be a busy week, so stay organised 😊
Spelling: As always, please write out your words and associated sentences. If you are writing a paragraph, you can write two or three of these and include a variety of spelling words in each. Remember you should have at least one shoot word per spelling word. In addition, don’t forget to add 3 words with the same sound/rule.
Reading: You have been issued with your new book. This should be completed by Tuesday 28th January, unless I have spoken with you regarding your book. Tests can be completed in class at any time.
Maths: BODMAS worksheet. If you should only be completing section A, I will have spoken to you. Everyone else  should complete all of Section A and five or more problems from Section B.
Burns poem: – Thank you for telling me which Burns poem you will be reciting. You should now begin to practise. We will perform our poems to both our class and another class on Tuesday 21st January. Please let me know if you need a copy of the poem. The performance expectations can be found in an earlier blog post.
*Gym this week will be on Tuesday and Thursday. You will require kit for Thursday but only trainers for Tuesday as we will be completing another Scottish Dance session.
*The next payment for the residential trip is now due and can be made via Parent Pay. Please contact me straight away if there are any issues re this.

Robert Burns Research

Please take suitable notes in your topic jotter that can be transferred into your fact file.

As a class we will watch the following videos:

The Story of Robert Burns

Robert Burns

Robert Burns – Life and Times

Using the ipads, you should use the following links to research the life and history of Robert Burns.

Robert Burns

Who was Robert Burns?

Robert Burns: Biography

Happy researching!

P7H Homework WB 7/01/20

Good morning and welcome back!

Here are your homework activities for the week ahead. As discussed in class, if you have any problems, please let me know straight away.


  • Spelling – You will have 6 spelling rule words (referral, inferred, transfer, preferred, deferred,conference) and 4 common words (suffix , especially, plural, cotton). Try to add at least one shoot word per spelling word.
    Please complete the three spelling tasks for Friday.
    1. Copy the words x2.
    2. Add at least 3 of your own words using the rule.
    3. Write 8 sentences using the spelling rules and common words. If your sentences are longer, you may write 5 or 6 which still include 8 of your words.



*P.E. is on Tuesday and Thursday. On Tuesday you will require trainers for Scottish country dancing.

Burns Assembly 2019

P7 Burns Poetry Recital


You need to choose one of Robert Burns’ poems to practice and recite for our annual school competition. You must rehearse your poem and be prepared to recite to our class and one other class by Monday 20th January. You must let me know your chosen poem by Monday 13th January. Please use the weblinks below to help you find a suitable poem. The poem should be challenging but manageable. As you are P7, you are expected to choose a poem with a minimum of 4 verses (16 lines).

Poem Hunter – Robert Burns

Scottish Poetry Library

BBC – Burns Poems (has some audio links to allow you to hear the correct pronunciation)

As usual there will be one winner chosen from each class after reciting your poem to our own class then another class within the school.

The following are the points you will be judged on:

  • Good, clear diction.
  • Pace
  • A good understanding of the poem.
  • Correct pronunciation of Scottish words.
  • Good facial and vocal expression conveying the sentiment of the poem.
  • Variation in pace and tone.
  • A moderate amount of appropriate gesture if it comes naturally and if it enhances the poem.
  • Over-dramatisation should be avoided as this distracts the audience and detracts from the flow of words.

You must recite your poem in verse, not singing. 

We are also looking for anyone who can play Scottish music, sing a Scottish song or can perform a Scottish dance. Please let us know if you are able to perform at the Burns Assembly.