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P7H Week Beginning 17.02.20

Good afternoon everyone!

Please see below for homework, news, and reminders:


Spelling: Please complete the three spelling tasks for Friday, 21st February.

Reading: Your reading book should be completed by Tuesday, 25th February.  If you need to swap your book before then let us know. Remember to fill in your passport for the First Minister’s Reading Challenge. You can include both personal and Accelerated Reading books.

Maths: We have been working on Improper Fractions and Mixed Numbers. Please complete the following questions in your Maths homework jotter, ensuring layout, working and presentation is clear. Let me know if you need a hand with this before Thursday – we will be consolidating our learning of fractions and their many forms during lessons this week.

Personal Project: Your WW2 personal project is due by Monday 16th March. You will present your project to the class on either Tuesday 17th March or Wednesday 18th March.  Please see the separate blog post for the task specifications. Let me know if you require resources, e.g. paper, or if you need access to the school internet to complete the task.

Gym is on Tuesday and Thursday this week.

Let’s have another fab week!

P7 STEM DAY ♻️🌎🧪🖥📊🧬



As part of STEM Day, Primary Seven were presented with the challenge of creating a food storage container with the focus of food preservation. Stem ambassadors designed this day with a focus on the UNICEF and Sustainable Development Goal of Zero Hunger 🌎❌🍴.  Children spent the first part of morning planning, drawing and looking for suitable resources for their design.  After break, the building of the food storage containers took place and everyone designed a STEM Mascot to be entered into our cluster competition. Finally, the afternoon consisted of showcasing, testing and talking about how/if everyone would modify their designs in future. 👏🏼 We then found our winning group who had a intricate design and the smallest rise in temperature of the water placed inside. 🌡💧 

Throughout the day, it was clean that you were developing you engineering habits of mind through: visualising your invention, predicting challenges in the design process, adapting throughout the building stage and problem solving. ✔💡

Thank you to the STEM ambassadors for arranging this day for the school and the teachers who supported them in this process 👏🏼♻. 

Here are some photos of our day! 📸😃

P7 Burns Supper 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🍽

Thank you to everyone who came to enjoy our Burns Supper! It was a wonderful afternoon and full of great performances. Well done to everyone for putting the afternoon together and I’m pleased all your hard work paid off.👏🏼

Finally, thank you to Mrs Simpson’s son, Ewan, who was our piper for the afternoon. We all enjoyed listening to you play and appreciate you taking the time to do this for the second year running. 👍🏻😃

P7H Homework WB 3.02.20

Good Evening

Please see below for homework, notes and reminders:

Spelling: Please complete the 3 tasks by Thursday, 6th February.

Reading: Reading books are due for Tuesday 11th February. However, we will look at sorting books out when you return on Thursday 13th February.

Maths: Please complete the homework sheet on Factors.


P.E.: Please bring a whole kit on Tuesday for badminton and gymnastics on Thursday.

Holiday weekend: School will finish on Thursday 6th February for the holiday and we’ll be back on Thursday 13th February.


P7H Homework WB 27.01.20

Good Afternoon,

Here are your activities for the week ahead.

If you have any problems, please let me know straight away.


  • Spelling – Complete the three tasks for Friday 31st January
    Reading – Your new reading books will be handed out tomorrow and should be completed by Tuesday 11th February.
  • Remember we are focusing on First Minister’s Reading Challenge this term. Please read extra books on top of your homework books where possible.


  • Please log into Sumdog and complete your challenges. You will need to ensure you are confident with your mental maths for the forthcoming topics.


We will be practicing our Scottish Country dancing on Tuesday. We also have PE on Thursday. Please remember to bring in your PE kit.

Our Burns Supper is on Thursday 30th January at 1.30pm. We look forward to hosting the event.

P7H Substance Misuse Task

Using the websites listed below, your task is to create a news report performance and informative poster to inform your classmates of the dangers of substance misuse. You must include:

  • The effects and health risks related to tobacco and alcohol misuse
  • The impact of external influences/pressures and how these can affect personal decisions, actions and outcomes
  • The impact and risks of misusing drugs and alcohol and how it can affect your ability to make good decisions
  • The negative social side effects of substance misuse on individuals, their family and their friends


We will focus on research this week and you will complete your tasks over the next few weeks.

P7H WB 20/01/20

Good Evening

Please see below for this week’s homework, updates and reminders:


  • Spelling – Complete the three tasks for Friday 24th January
    Reading – You should be finished your book by Tuesday 28th January, unless I have spoken with you in class. Tests are available to take in class at any time.



We have dancing on Tuesday which you will require clean trainers for. You will also have Gymnastics with Miss Hughes on Thursday and will need a full P.E kit.

Burns Poems – You have had your Burns poem at home for a good while and should have been practising. You must rehearse your poem and be prepared to recite to our class and one other class tomorrow. 

Please return Burns Supper Invitations to the Administration Group by Wednesday 22nd January.