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Christmas postboxes

It’s that time of year again.  The Christmas postboxes are out in school.   If children wish to post a Christmas card to someone in school please put the child’s name and class on the envelope.  If you think there are 2 people with the same name please put second initial too eg. Sam M . The P3 Christmas posties will deliver your card for you.

Eco Day Tuesday 4th June

On Tuesday 4th June we will be having an Eco Day to highlight some of the issues the children on the eco committee groups have  been working on.  Each class will get a time slot to visit the gym hall to try out a variety of activities.  It will be a non-uniform day.  Please wear  blue or green that day.

Eco Committee

Coming soon – Big Pedal


The Sustrans Big Pedal challenge is coming soon.

Every year the school takes part in this initiative to get more people cycling and scooting.

From Monday 25th March to Friday 29th March children are asked to come to school every day with their bike or scooter.  At some point each day they will have the opportunity to get out in the playground and cycle with their class. Children must wear a helmet when  on their bike.  It would be appreciated if an adult could check over bikes and scooters before children bring them to school.

More information coming soon.

Find out more information about Sustrans

P6 and P7 Eagles – House Art Day

Would all P6 and 7 Eagles please bring an empty milk carton for house art day on Thursday. You can keep it in your own class until Thursday. Please make sure it is thoroughly washed out and dried so your Christmas craft doesn’t smell.  You will need the lid too.  If you have more than one, we would be glad of extras in case any one forgets.  If you have any Christmas paper, old Christmas hats, old Christmas socks etc. we could use these as well.

Thank you

European Day of Languages


Bonjour                Guten Tag            Hola               Halla                Hej

Our school will be celebrating European Day of Languages on Wednesday 26th September.  Our theme this year is celebrating how useful it is to know a second (or third) language.  We would like to invite any parents/grandparents who speak another language to come and speak to a group (not the whole school) of children to let them see how knowing more than one language has been useful to you.  If your first language is not English, it would be great if you could teach us a few words in that language eg. hello, numbers to 10 or how are you. If you are able to help, please leave a message at the school office for Mrs Ferguson P3F.

Merci                   Danke                   Gracias            Tak                    Tack

Big Pedal = Big Success

That’s the Big Pedal over for another year.  Thanks to everyone – mums,dads, grandparents, breakfast and after school club staff –  who made the effort to bring bikes and scooters. I know the children enjoyed it and we finished 6th out of over 500 schools in the UK.

Hopefully  with the nice weather we can all continue at home to get lots of exercise and have fun on our bikes and scooters.

Happy cycling and scooting.

Big Pedal

Coming soon to Bishopton Primary – The Big Pedal is organised by the cycling charity Sustrans.  Every year they encourage children in schools all over the UK to cycle or scoot to school.  Parents and teachers are encouraged to join in too.  Every journey made is recorded over a 10 day period.  The school with the most journeys is the winner.  Prizes are awarded every day.

In Bishopton Primary, there is a special certificate for each daily class winner and an extra cycle/scooting time awarded to the over all winning class.

We ask that children cycle or scoot to school (but not in the playground before school or on the way home from school).

At some time every day, teachers will take their class to the playground to cycle or scoot and improve fitness , as well as having fun.

We would ask that all children wear a helmet on their bikes and , if they have one, on their scooters. Please make sure all helmets fit properly and are undamaged.

Please help us protect your child’s safety by checking over their bike or scooter before they bring it to school.

If your child has a lock for their bike or scooter they are welcome to use it, as bikes and scooters will be stored in the playground.  Children are responsible for looking after lock keys.

Let’s hope for good weather. Please join in if you have a bike (or scooter!) If you would like to find out more or just keep up with our progress, you can check out the Sustrans Big Pedal website.