Primary Seven Buddhism Task 22.09.20

Hello everyone,

Please find below the instructions for this afternoon’s task:

Buddhists believe that the Buddha saw the truth of what the world is like, and they follow his teachings. They have many beliefs and practices they follow in order to live their lives in a Buddhist way.

Your task today:

Learning Outcome:
I can show understanding of the beliefs and practices of Buddhism and explore the similarities and differences between these and my developing beliefs. RME 2-04c

Skill for Learning:
Synthesis – I can research about a belief or practice of Buddhism and explain it to my peers.

Social Skill
Disagreeing without criticising people – I can show/explain my feelings about someone’s idea/opinion without offending them.

Yesterday, you were introduced to Buddhism and you began to discuss key features of this religion. Today, in your group, you are going to research to answer a variety of questions about Buddhism.  You will find the questions that your group should answer on the following link: Introducing buddhism questions task

Once you have found answers to each question, you will create a mindmap on Buddhism.

Use the internet to help you research. Here are some websites to help you: