P7 STEM DAY ♻️🌎🧪🖥📊🧬



As part of STEM Day, Primary Seven were presented with the challenge of creating a food storage container with the focus of food preservation. Stem ambassadors designed this day with a focus on the UNICEF and Sustainable Development Goal of Zero Hunger 🌎❌🍴.  Children spent the first part of morning planning, drawing and looking for suitable resources for their design.  After break, the building of the food storage containers took place and everyone designed a STEM Mascot to be entered into our cluster competition. Finally, the afternoon consisted of showcasing, testing and talking about how/if everyone would modify their designs in future. 👏🏼 We then found our winning group who had a intricate design and the smallest rise in temperature of the water placed inside. 🌡💧 

Throughout the day, it was clean that you were developing you engineering habits of mind through: visualising your invention, predicting challenges in the design process, adapting throughout the building stage and problem solving. ✔💡

Thank you to the STEM ambassadors for arranging this day for the school and the teachers who supported them in this process 👏🏼♻. 

Here are some photos of our day! 📸😃