P7S Week Beginning 2/9/19

Here are your activities for the week ahead.

If you have any problems, please let me know straight away.


  • Spelling – You will have 6 spelling rule words and 4 common words.
    Please complete the three spelling tasks for Friday.
    1. Copy the words x2.
    2. Add at least 3 of your own words using the rule.
    3. Write 8 sentences using the spelling rules and common words.
  • Reading – Your new reading book was given out on Wednesday 28th August and should be completed by Wednesday 11th September.
  • Accelerated reader – Throughout the year, please read extra texts from our Accelerated Reader library on top of the class novels. Record what you have read and then complete our Accelerated Reader tasks in class.


  • Topic personal project – This should be completed by Monday 23rd September.


– Complete the numeracy revision sheet for Friday 6th September.



  • P.E days are Monday and Friday.