P7C: Week beg 02.09.19

Good morning,

I hope you have had a wonderful weekend and I look forward to hearing your news at check-in. I would like to take this opportunity to commend you on a fantastic first Read and Munch on Friday with our P1 buddies. It was lovely to see you reading with the younger children and talking with them about the content of their books. The P1s thoroughly enjoyed themselves and we will look forward to seeing them again next week.

Last week’s homework was of a high standard. There were some super shoot words and you worked hard to up-level your sentences with openers and adjectives. Well done! This week I would love to see you using a variety of punctuation.

Here are your homework activities for the week ahead.

As discussed in class, if you have any problems, please let me know straight away.


  • Spelling– our words this week are:  trio, triple, trident, triplet, triceps, tricolour, money, certain, hours, and ground.
  • There are 6 spelling rule words and 4 common words.
    Please complete the three spelling tasks.
    Copy the words x2.
    2. Add at least 3 of your own words using the rule.
    3. Write 8 sentences using the spelling rules and common words.
  • Reading – Your new reading book was issued on Tuesday 27th August and should be completed by Tuesday  10th  September
  • Accelerated reader –You have now chosen your Accelerated Reader. Please record the titles you have read in your Reading Record jotter and then complete our Accelerated Reader tasks in class.


  • Topic personal project – This should be completed by Monday 23rd September. Please let me know if you require resources (e.g. paper) for this. I am thoroughly looking forward to your presentations as I know you have enjoyed our topic so far.


We have been working on decimals in class. The problems below should be completed in your maths homework jotter. Please show any working.

Ellie’s family won £3.7m on the lottery

a)Please write this number out in words.

b)Round this figure to the nearest million

Ryan’s personal best on the long jump is 3.57m

a)Round this to the nearest tenth of a metre.

b) How many hundredths of a metre is Ryan from reaching 4m exactly? Please write your answer in words.

After being rounded to 1 decimal place, Aaron threw 4.5m in the shotput

a) Identify 3 possible options with 2 decimal places, e.g. 4.51, that could have been the original distance Aaron threw prior to the rounding.

b) How much further would he have to throw from his rounded distance of 4.5m to reach 6m? Please show your answer in decimal form.

After saving her pocket money, Rebecca had £56.87 in her bank account

a) Round this figure to the nearest pound.

b) How many more pence does Rebecca need to reach this amount? Show in decimal form.

When each of the numbers below are rounded to 1 decimal place, which of the 2 given values is the correct answer

15.87:   15.9 or 15.8

6.45:     6.4 or  6.5

0.09:     0.0 or 0.1


  • PE days are Thursday and Friday.
  • Thank you for returning consent forms so promptly. If any outstanding could please be returned. 🙂


Miss Cauley