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Climate Change Debate

Primary 6 have been learning all about what Climate Change is and have explored the scepticism and arguments surrounding it. We looked at different facts and opinions to inform our for and against arguments for Climate Change. We then presented our ideas to the class.

Fun with French food

On Friday, P6G enjoyed learning the vocabulary for different types of food in French. They were able to use a dictionary to create a menu for their own French inspired cafe. We had lots of interesting meals, all written and presented in French. Well done to our future restauranteurs!

P6G Homework 4.06.18

Spelling Homework

Orange and Purple – favourite, colour, does, their, they’re, there, to, two, too, different, where and were.

Yellow – forget, forbid, forgive, fortune, forgotten, forward and fortnight.

Please remember to do your six sentences on the ‘there’ words and the ‘to’ words. Also, please find two new words which you personally have difficulty spelling in your pieces of writing.

Maths – SumDog Contest

Rugby Tournament

Last week we had the opportunity to take part in a rugby tournament against our local cluster schools. We were so excited to win a trophy from the day for The Spirit of Rugby, which proved that our teamwork and sportsmanship was worthy of an award. Well done everyone!

Cycling w/b 28/5/18

Hi everyone

I hope you are enjoying this amazing weather!

We will not doing Cycling Proficiency this week due to the drama show on Tuesday afternoon. Feel free to cycle to school and back for some extra practise.

See you all tomorrow!

Miss Grant

Maths Homework w/b 21/5/18

Remember to ask as soon as possible if there are any issues.

  1. A square has a side measuring 6cm. What is the perimeter?
  2. A rectangle has one side measuring 7m and the other measuring 3m, what is the perimeter?
  3. If a square has a perimeter of 20cm, what does one side measure?
  4. A rectangle has an area of 54cm squared. What are the possible measurements of each side?
  5. Draw a square with an area of 9cm squared in your jotter.